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Treatment for Bad Breath

How much time do you spend on your appearance every day? Picking out the right clothes, styling our hair, doing our make-up: some of us spend more time planning for a trip to the store than we do actually shopping. When you compile your checklist of things that make up your appearance, where does your…Read More

How to Floss Teeth

As a child, our minds are malleable, able to easily absorb new information. Through repetition and practice, the things we learn as child become second nature to us. From saying our ABC’s to tying our own shoes, we can run through these simple tasks without a second thought. Why, then, do so many people fail…Read More

Can I go to the dentist just once a year?

Life unfolds in a myriad of unexpected ways. When money is tight and times are tough, we all need to reexamine how we spend our money. What expenses can wait for better times, and what expenses are necessary no matter how little we have to spend? However short you may be on money, when it…Read More

Invisalign Denver

Traditional metal braces might be cute on your nephew or the little girl next door, but when you are an adult, working professional it is a little harder to pull that look off! Fortunately, Invisalign in Denver has other options where you can straighten your teeth with the same effectiveness of metal braces but without…Read More

Nice review from a happy patient.

I went to Dr. Grabiak because of his academic and CE “pedigree.” I wanted the best I could find for cosmetic procedures. It was clear that he was very experienced with the latest cosmetic and general dentistry interventions. Initially, I had very thorough assessments that included talking about options, many photographs of my mouth for…Read More

Sleep Apnea Denver

Patients with sleep apnea in Denver have been reporting that Somnodent has made life so much easier than the old CPAP machines. CPAP machines are known for being uncomfortable and difficult to get used to; often users report poor quality sleep when using these machines and even sometimes have headaches or daytime sleepiness as a…Read More

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