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What To Do When I am Terribly Scared of the Dentist

Would you rather jump out of an airplane than visit the dentist? Perhaps you would consider having dinner with your least favorite in-law over a regular routine cleaning with your oral hygienist? Or maybe you are one of us that makes every excuse in the book to avoid our worst nightmare: a simple trip to…Read More

Diabetes Oral Health

As if people with diabetes don’t have enough to worry about already, oral health is a high priority for patients with uncontrolled insulin deficiencies. The link between uncontrolled diabetes and oral health may not seem obvious, but is definitely a two-way street. Patients that are unable to keep their blood sugar under control are at…Read More

Gingivitis is Dangerous to Your Health!

Many people dismiss oral health and hygiene as being strictly cosmetic. We tend to only worry about our teeth when they are discolored, crooked, or become overly sensitive. Visits to the dentists occur out of routine because we are told we should go every six months. Daily oral habits at home including brushing, flossing and…Read More

How Do I Stop Teeth Grinding? Answers From Denver Dentistry

Bruxism is the medical term used to describe grinding of teeth against each other. It can occur while you are awake or asleep and may be conscious or unconscious. The disorder is actually very dangerous as it compromises the strength of the tooth enamel and can be associated with other jaw or muscular disorders. The…Read More

A New treament for sleep apnea?

This was an interesting article on an experimental treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. It highlights the high percentage of individuals who can not tolerate a cpap. We have had good sucess with appliance therapy, but hopefully this treatment will turn out sucessful.

Is Your Mouth Stressed Out?

Most people realize that acute or chronic stress can have adverse effects on their overall health. Gastric problems, headaches or migraines, susceptibility to illness, fatigue are common physical manifestations of emotional and mental stressors. Just as common, but not as well-known, are a set of oral health problems that appear when the body is dealing…Read More

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