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Cavities in Front Teeth Need Porcelain Veneers

Cavities usually occur in the back teeth, and this is for many reasons. These are the teeth that do most of the chewing, and thus are in contact with the food the longest. Also, these are the teeth that are hardest to clean, leaving many individuals with bacteria and debris that they do not realize…Read More

Can Teeth Be TOO White?

As celebrities continue to flash their brilliantly white smiles across television screens and magazines, more and more people are turning to their dentists for help in whitening their teeth. In fact, Americans are spending billions of dollars on tooth-whitening products. Sales of over-the-country whitening products have hit levels of over $1.4 billion. But at what…Read More

The Difference Between DDS and DMD

When you are choosing a dentist, you may be confused by the terms DDS and DMD after a dentist’s name. If you feel confused, don’t worry. Many people also share your confusion, Understanding what these two terms mean and how they affect a dentist’s abilities and training will help you make an informed decision about…Read More

3 Reasons to Get Invisalign

If you need to have your teeth straightened, you may want to consider Invisalign. Talk to Dr. Grabiak today about the benefits of this alignment system, and consider these three reasons why it has become one of the more popular teeth straightening products on the market. Invisalign Aligners Are Virtually Invisible One of the main…Read More

What Are Teeth Made Of?

The teeth are made out of four different types of tissue. Dr. Grabiak’s job is to ensure that all four layers of each tooth stay healthy, so the teeth can continue to do their job for a long time. The innermost layer of the tooth is the pulp. This is where the blood vessels, nerves,…Read More

Does Electric Toothbrush Cause Tooth Damage

Electric toothbrushes can damage your teeth, but not simply because they are electric. The temptation that many people using electric toothbrushes face is to push too hard with their brushes. Combine this with a stiff-bristled brush, and you are setting yourself up for damage. If you want to use an electric toothbrush, talk to Dr.…Read More

Diabetes Dental Care

If you are struggling with diabetes, you are at a higher risk than the average individual for oral health problems, especially if your blood sugars are not well controlled. For this reason, Dr. Grabiak recommends you seek regular dental care and brush up on your oral hygiene habits to ensure your teeth remain healthy and…Read More

For Daily Brushing, Choose a Soft Toothbrush

Many people choose to use a hard-bristled toothbrush because they think it will clean their teeth better. They think that the ability to “scrub” their teeth will result in a better cleaning. Dr. Grabiak disagrees; hard-bristled toothbrushes may actually damage the teeth and, more importantly, the gums. When you brush daily with a hard-bristled brush,…Read More

Our Teeth Age Too

Like a car with many miles on the odometer, our bodies age and certain parts get more wear and tear than others. Most people know to regularly visit their doctors for maintenance and tune-ups. However, many people forget that our teeth age too! It’s just as important to visit your dentist regularly to stay on…Read More

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