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How to Correct a Gummy Smile

Some people are nervous to show their smile because they have gums that override their normal tooth enamel. This is known as a gummy smile and dentists such as Dr. Grabiak are able to help correct this problem. Gummy smiles can be caused by a variety of different things. Some patients are simply prone to…Read More

Find a Dentist for a Scared Patient in Denver

Everyone knows a friend or family member that is deathly afraid of the dentist. Maybe they had a bad experience when they were younger or maybe they have heard horror stories from other people. Whatever the reason, avoiding the dentist is dangerous and downright harmful to your oral health and hygiene. This blog post outlines…Read More

TMJ Dentists and Disorders in Denver

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) refers to an intricate and complex area of your face where the jaw meets the skull. Wherever bone meets with bone in a joint that moves regularly, there can be a myriad of problems including painful movement, inflammation or swelling. Many people have suffered from TMJ pain for years and believed,…Read More

Is Bad Breath Dangerous? Answers From Denver Dentistry

Most of the time we know what causes our bad breath and how to fix it. Maybe the extra garlic in that pasta sauce at lunch wasn’t such a good idea, but a decent stick of gum can easily erase that decision before your afternoon corporate meeting. Our mouths are naturally full of bacteria that,…Read More

How Long Do Durathin Veneers Last From Denver Dentistry?

As elective cosmetic surgery continues to boom in popularity across North America and around the world, elective cosmetic dental procedures are becoming more common as well. Many men and women want to improve the aesthetics of their smile by making it bigger, brighter, and whiter. One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of…Read More

Dentists That Work With Patient Fears in Denver

When was the last time you visited the dentist? For some people with intense fears of the dental chair and the small tools that accompany it, their answer may be longer than the prescribed 6 months for regular check ups and cleaning. Neglecting our oral health and hygiene can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and even downright…Read More

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