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Face Your Fear of Dentistry in Denver

At Denver Dental, we commonly work with patients who have an acute fear of dentists and dentistry. Although there are several reasons why they might be afraid, the most common reason is that they are embarrassed by their lack of self-maintained oral hygiene and fear that all manner of sharp hurtful tools and drills will…Read More

How to Deal With Halloween Candy for Denver Parents

Halloween with kids can be a lot of fun with all the preparations for dressing up in costume and going out trick or treating. Although this time of year is a treat, Dr. Grabiak has some tricks on getting through and handling your child’s candy consumption after the 31st while practicing good child dental practices.…Read More

Home Waterpicks

The technology of waterpicks has been used in the field of dentistry for many years now. At our office, Dr. Grabiak utilizes this equipment to provide patients with a gentler alternative during their regular bi-annual dental cleanings. Today, at-home waterpicks are being marketed and sold to the public, providing an alternative to flossing for both…Read More

School Lunches for Healthy Smiles in Denver

School is in session and it’s time to stock up on healthy items for your kid’s lunch boxes. You want to keep in mind the best foods both for the health of their bodies and the strength of their teeth. Here at Denver Dental, we have a few suggestions. Overly starchy or sugary foods are…Read More

Is Your Whitening Toothpaste Harmful? Answers From Denver Dentistry

Whether you’re headed back to school or back to the office after your summer vacation, fall seems to be the season for improvement. People may be looking for over the counter solutions for brighter, whiter teeth. While many teeth whitening toothpastes and strips are successful at brightening your smile, they may contain harsh chemicals and…Read More

CPAP Makes My Breath Smell

Obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous medical condition in which you stop breathing for several seconds during the night while you sleep. These non-breathing episodes can happen several times within an hour and add up over the course of a regular night’s sleep. In order to help the airway stay open and ensure the…Read More

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