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Restorative Dental Care for Veterans in Denver

Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry is actively seeking a veteran in need of restorative dental care as part of his involvement with the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics Results, Production & Marketing (ACE/RPM) A Soldier’s Smile charity. Dr. Grabiak, along with nearly two dozen dentists involved with the ACE/RPM marketing platform, will be performing free…Read More

Sedation Dentistry in Denver Becoming Popular

Recent Press Release: Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry of West Denver has seen recent spikes in the number of clients requesting and receiving sedation dentistry. Dental sedation is used to help patients establish a relaxed and calm state during procedures through the use of sedatives. This is helpful because the number of anxious patients…Read More

Holistic Dentistry in Denver

The Holistic Dental approach is an emphasis on dental care that also considers the patients overall health. In this sense, holistic dentistry is more comprehensive than traditional dentistry. Dr. Grabiak uses practices that are safe and compatible with the mouth and the body. As there is ever-increasing evidence suggesting the importance of the mouth/body connection,…Read More

Smoking Prevents Healthy Bacteria Denver Dentist Reports

Denver Dentistry’s Dr. Guy Grabiak doesn’t generally talk to patients about quitting smoking but does warn them on the health implications smoking produces on their health. According to a new study done by an Ohio State periodontist, smoking cigarettes causes the body to turn against its own helpful bacteria, leaving them more vulnerable to disease.…Read More

Gummy Smile Treatment in Denver

Does excess gum tissue in your mouth make you embarrassed to smile? If so, there is a treatment by Denver dentist Dr. Guy Grabiak that can help you smile with confidence once again. It is not that you have a poor smile, it is that your excess gum tissue is hiding your beautiful teeth from…Read More

TMJ Splint Therapy in Denver

Fortunately finding relief from the symptoms of TMJ disorder (TMD) are conservative and do not require surgery. TMD sufferers may experience pain in one or many parts of their body including: Jaw and jaw joint pain Headaches or facial pain Ear pain Eye pains Grinding teeth and clenching Throat problems Neck and shoulder problems Splint…Read More

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