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You may have heard how some doctors take a holistic approach to diagnosing a health problem, looking at your whole body before making suggestions rather than dealing singly with the issue at hand which may not solve the long-term situation. Dentists are also able to make this distinction. Often a problem that begins in the mouth can affect the whole body and vice versa.

It is not black and white to list the specific differences between a traditional and a holistic dentist as many areas of their consultations cross over and it can be subjective but you can find Denver dentists that offer holistic approaches. Talking to them and reviewing their website can help you determine whether or not they offer the sort of holistic approach you are looking for.

Looking at Whole-Body Wellness as it Relates to Oral Health


Your local Denver holistic dentist will focus on whole-body wellness that begins with the mouth. Holistic is more about the overall philosophy of oral health care rather than naming the specific practices and procedures used by various dentists.

The most traditional of holistic dentists will help educate their patients around the greater importance of maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle and they will explain how dentistry plays a major role in the bigger health picture. There is increasing evidence of the connection between the mouth and the body and many dentists are happy to discuss this with patients.

Traditional dentists will certainly always assess a person’s overall health when they are exploring a patient’s mouth. They will understand how links have been formed between gum disease and a healthy heart, diabetes problems and many other related issues. Unfortunately, not all dentists have been trained in the long term effects that could affect your whole body from any actions performed by your dentist as well as dental health neglect. Not all dentists are trained in careful amalgam filling removal.  Not all Denver dentists prefer to avoid amalgam fillings.

True holistic dentistry will usually argue against using mercury fillings and have a problem with digesting fluoride.  A traditional dentist will deal with the immediate problem and solve the issue to the best of their ability, whereas a holistic dentist is always working with your long term and overall health in mind.


Denver Dentists Can Help You Overcome Dental Fears

denver holistic dentistryDenver residents have access to a wealth of dentistry services.  But many don’t leverage this advantage for their oral health. Why? Many adults have fear of the dentist. Some have dental fears stemming from childhood experiences in cold, sterile, unfriendly, and often scary environments.  Today, many dental practices are sensitive to that and not only do they offer help for people with dental fears but they offer an environment that feels as welcoming as a spa.

People of all ages can have a fear of the dentist. Little children could be afraid of the unknown, nervous about strangers, or might be apprehensive due to stories they’ve heard.  Parents can do kids a favor by being positive when they talk about going to the dentist. Some adults are unaware that they pass their own fears onto their children when they talk about hating the dentist or being afraid of ‘the drill’.

Regardless of your age or your dental needs, if you have fears or anxiety, it’s wise to do some research before you see a new dentist. This can help you find an office that follows a philosophy of creating a relaxing and therapeutic environment that can put you at ease.  And holistic dentists strive to treat the patient overall, rather than just focus on one element of dental care. A good holistic dentist in Denver that offers help for dental fears could be ideal for your situation.

Explore Sedation Dentistry Options in Denver

If you are seeking local options for sedation dentistry because of your anxiety levels or due to the fact that you need extensive work done, you can browse Denver dentist websites to see if they offer sedation dentistry. Some  dentists do not, others offer one or two options, and others offer several options that can help you get through things in a way that makes you comfortable (such as IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, or the more common nitrous oxide).

About Holistic Dentistry

There is a strong connection between your health and your teeth. Holistic dentistry follows specific goals for overall health including mercury free dentistry. If you want to change your silver amalgam fillings, for instance, because of cosmetic reasons or because you’ve heard that mercury fillings could cause health concerns, a holistic dentist who specializes in helping people overcome dental fears can help you accomplish this in a way that minimizes your anxiety and maximizes comfort and peace of mind.

Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry would appreciate the chance to help you with your oral health needs. Feel free to contact us for an appointment or to browse our site to learn more about our services and treatment philosophy.

Gummy Smiles Options are Available

gummy smile denverDo you have a gummy smile? No, we’re not talking about a new kind of candy; a gummy smile is something many people are afflicted with due to an excess of gums showing when they open their mouths. There are several different causes and treatments for this condition which we will discuss here.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is evidenced by too little of your teeth showing and too much of your gums taking over. This often happens as your adult teeth erupt through the gums and something causes them to never completely come through. It’s not the fault of your teeth – which are probably just the right length – but the gums preventing full eruption.

Another common problem is that your upper lip rises higher than normal due to muscle control difficulties. Since your upper lip is higher than it should be, it exposes more of the gum tissue during a smile.

And finally, the culprit could be your upper jaw bone, which developed abnormally. If your upper jaw protrudes through the gingival tissue, that could prevent your pretty pearly whites from showing.

Any of these conditions could be causing problems more severe than just negatively affecting your appearance; it’s important to consult your Denver dentist to find out the cause of your gummy smile and how it should be treated. He or she will take X-rays and examine your teeth, jaw and gums to determine the proper course of treatment.

Treating a Gummy Smile

Fortunately, you do not have to live with a gummy smile because there are many treatment options. These include laser treatments, repositioning of the lip through surgery, orthodontics, surgical sculpting or maxillofacial surgery on the jaw bone.

In some cases, you may be referred to a specialist who can make your gingival display less noticeable. A periodontist, a dentist who specializes in caring for the gums and soft tissues in your mouth, could lengthen the crown of your tooth by excising the gum tissue covering them up. This may have to be performed on several teeth in order to achieve an even gum line throughout your mouth.

In some instances, gummy smile treatment may be covered by your dental insurance plan. If not, most dentists offer payment options to help you finance the procedures necessary to restore your smile.

For people just like you living in Denver, gummy smiles are not something you need to live with thanks to modern technology and procedures that make it fairly easy and affordable to fix.

Sedation Dentistry – Denver Dentist has the Answer for Dental Fears

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll probably confess to flashbacks to the dentist scene in Little Shop of Horrors—no matter how outrageous the characterization happens to be. You’re not alone, though. In fact, there are people who would rather endure an IRS audit than a trip to the dentist. At least, that is how it used to be. Sedation dentistry in cities like Denver and elsewhere are changing the way people feel about going to the dentist. That’s really good news for anyone who is interested in creating a healthier smile, but has been held back for fear of the dentist’s chair.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

The sedation method of dentistry involves the use of sedatives in order to relax the patient. There are many different ways this is accomplished and varying degrees of sedation that can be used—depending on the particular needs of the patient and what procedure is being formed.

The thing that’s new for patients with modern sedation dentistry is that modern methods allow the patient to be relaxed to the point of having little recollection of the entire experience. This is a huge plus for those who are nervous about seeing the dentist in the first place.

What Types of Sedation Methods are Available?

First of all, there is a difference between sleep dentistry (where the patient is completely sedated with the use of general anesthesia) and sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is all about helping to relieve the anxiety of going to the dentist and reducing any pain that may be experienced in the process. Tools that are used to accomplish this include: hypnosis, oral medications, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, and mild to moderate sedatives.

Why Sedation Dentistry?

In many cases, there are additional costs involved in sedation dentistry. Some insurance plans do not cover the costs of sedation. Knowing this, why do some people still choose sedation dentistry over traditional pain management techniques in the dentist’s chair?

The average person who is a prime candidate for sedation dentistry is one who is extremely nervous about vising a dentist. These are often people who have avoided the dentist to the point where it can no longer be avoided and need serious, sometimes extensive, dental work. Sedation dentistry in these instances has one primary goal—to reduce anxiety so they can get the treatment they need. In these cases it’s worth a heftier dental bill and its weight in gold.

Don’t let your status as an official dentist wimp prevent you from getting the dental care you need. We can help you find an ideal solution.

Women’s Hormonal Changes Linked to Gum Disease

Hormonal Changes & Gum Disease

Women's Hormonal Changes Linked to Gum Disease

A recent review of women’s health studies has shown a link between women’s health issues and gum disease. Hormonal changes that women naturally go through such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause have been shown to fluctuate women’s hormones so much so that they can change conditions in the mouth and allow bacteria to grow, enter the bloodstream, and intensify certain health issues such as bone loss, fetal death and pre-term birth.

The data from the study reviewed 61 journal articles with nearly 100 studies that helped the scientists determine that women’s hormonal changes do in fact have a relationship to gum disease and the other health issues named above. The message the researchers wanted to get across to women is that they need to be even more vigilant about maintaining good oral health to prevent or lessen the impact of these health-related issues.

Of particular interest in this research are women’s hormones during pregnancy. There is existing research that states that hormones can cause gum problems during pregnancy and women who are attempting to get pregnant or are pregnant need to be extra cautious about the state of their dental health. There was a time when women were discouraged from visiting the dentist while pregnant but this study shows evidence that a dental cleaning and examination before or during pregnancy is now recommended.

Gum disease is caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth and under the gums. Left untreated for extended periods of time, it can cause inflammation which can release harmful and toxic byproducts into the bloodstream. These toxins can result in tooth loss, bad breath, bloody gums, bone erosion in addition to the multitude of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and pregnancy problems.

Cosmetic Dentist Denver Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles Denver

Six Month Smiles

Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry is the newest Denver cosmetic dentist who has received the training necessary to provide Six Month Smiles in the Denver, CO area. Six Month Smiles, much like Invisalign braces, requires that dentists attend their intensive training courses to become certified to provide the treatment. Having been recently certified, Dr. Grabiak is one of the few Denver providers of Six Month Smiles which allows him to provide orthodontic treatments to patients with an average case time of just six months. As not every Denver dentist is certified to provide Six Month Smiles, Dr. Grabiak will no doubt be highly sought out by patients in the Denver area who are not attracted to conventional braces methodologies.

Six Month Braces utilize advanced orthodontic technologies and allow dentists to straighten teeth in a shorter period of time than traditional braces. With an emphasis on straightening the teeth that show when you smile, Six Month Smiles are considered more of a cosmetic dentistry treatment than a procedure that seeks to adjust ones bite (occlusion). Given Dr. Grabiak’s extensive cosmetic dentistry background, he is an ideal dentist for patients wishing to achieve ideal results from a functional and aesthetic perspective. “Six Month Smiles are considered to be a safe and affordable cosmetic solution for patients who may be self-conscious of their smile,” explains Dr. Grabiak. “Now they have an affordable solution that yields quick results and gives them great smiles.”

To learn more about the Six Month Smiles procedure available through Dr. Grabiak’s Denver Dentistry office, contact him to schedule a consultation. Or visit his website at or call direct at 303-835-9948.

Denver Dentistry Offers Military Discount

Recent Press Release:

Military discounts

Military discounts- Active and Retired- Families Too!

As part of his involvement with the ACE/RPM A Soldier’s Smile charity, Dr. Grabiak of Denver Dentistry is offering soldiers and their families discounts from 10-15% on cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments. The discounts are a way of giving back to the community of veterans and active soldiers who are in need of dental services. Fellow servicemen and women will likely find satisfaction in knowing that Dr. Grabiak is also a veteran, having completed three tours of active duty in the U.S. Air Force.

In order for soldiers or their families to be eligible for the military discounts at Denver Dentistry they simply have to show the office some proof of active or former military involvement. This will allow them to save money on a variety of cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns, dental bonding, Invisalign and more. Many of these procedures are not covered by dental insurance making the discount even more attractive especially for those patients who wish to improve their smiles and overall appearance.

To learn more about Dr. Guy Grabiak and the military dental discounts he is offering at his Lakewood, CO office, visit his website at To schedule an appointment contact the office at or 303-835-9948. Learn more about the A Soldier’s Smile charity by visiting and following the link to A Soldier’s Smile.

Denver Dentistry Seeking Veteran soldiers

Recent Press Release:

Soldier's Smile

Dr. Grabiak Seeking Veteran in Need of Dental Care

Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry is actively seeking a veteran in need of restorative dental care as part of his involvement with the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics/Results, Production & Marketing (ACE/RPM) A Soldier’s Smile charity. Dr. Grabiak, along with nearly two dozen dentists involved with the ACE/RPM marketing platform, will be performing free cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments on a select serviceman or woman who is in dire need of oral health care. The vets selected are generally unable to afford the dental care they need or are ineligible through the VA because of their position in or out of the service.

The VA is helping ACE dentists to find soldier’s and are very support of the campaign. In addition to the VA’s involvement, celebrity and former veteran Montel Williams has also sponsored the event and will be meeting with veterans and the dentists to discuss the transformations taking place. In some cases Montel and the ACE dentists will appear on national and local television to discuss the procedures and the need for the American community as a whole to give back to the men and women who fight for our freedom every day. As part of a relationship with the VA, the Fisher House Foundation has also formed an alliance with the ACE dental association. The Fisher House ( program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America’s military in their time of need. It is the hope of the ACE dentists, the VA, Montel Williams, and the Fisher House that the events gain enough traction so that they may be able to help many troops and so that other businesses and individuals contribute to giving back to people who need assistance.

Dr. Grabiak, one of Denver’s premier cosmetic and restorative dentists, will be donating his time, experience and expertise to help a troop in the coming months. He is an Air Force veteran and has completed three tours of duty where he received numerous awards and commendations for his service. Dr. Grabiak is also offering veterans and their family’s discounts on dental treatments up to 15% off.

To learn more about Dr. Grabiak visit his website at or call his office at 303-835-9948. Also on the site is a link to more information regarding the A Soldier’s Smile events. Parties interested in getting involved with A Soldier’s Smile can contact Rustin Savarese at

Sedation Dentistry in Denver

Recent Press Release:

Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry of West Denver has seen recent spikes in the number of clients requesting and receiving sedation dentistry. Dental sedation is used to help patients establish a relaxed and calm state during procedures through the use of sedatives. This is helpful because the number of anxious patients in the United States is staggeringly high. According to the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS Education), a professional dental organization dedicated to ensuring that patients receive safe, comfortable and anxiety-free dental care, 30 percent of the population avoids the dentist due to fear. This could mean that dental problems could escalate to a point where serious oral health issues like gum disease and tooth loss would be prevalent.

Dr. Grabiak of Denver Dentistry utilizes sedation dentistry in his Lakewood office in three forms: IV Sedation, Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Sedation dentistry, often called sleep dentistry, is generally admitted when patients require assistance getting through necessary dental procedures. Dr. Grabiak explains the usefulness of sedation, “We recommend dental sedation to our patients who have fears of visiting the dentist as well as for patients who have concerns about pain.” These are some of the major concerns that keep patients away from the dentist even though they know they are avoiding health care that they require to fix embarrassing or health-related problems.

Avoiding the dentist due to anxiety or fear no longer has to hold patients back from getting the health care they need. For patients who wish to learn more about Dr. Grabiak and his gentle dental sedation techniques visit his site at or contact his office at 303-835-9948.

Holistic Dentistry Denver

Biologic dentistry

Holistic Dentistry Denver

The Holistic Dental approach is an emphasis on dental care that also considers the patients overall health. In this sense, holistic dentistry is more comprehensive and complete than traditional dentistry. Dr. Grabiak uses practices that are safe and compatible with the mouth and the body. As there is ever-increasing evidence suggesting the importance of the mouth/body connection, holistic dentists are ahead of their time in this respect.

The American Academy of Periodontology has long attempted to educate the public on the findings of the relationship of the mouth and the rest of the body. Their evidence suggests that infections of the mouth can wreak havoc elsewhere in the body. Research continues to show that there is an association between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. Treatment of this inflammation has proven to help manage periodontal disease but also helps to manage risks of other diseases.

Why is the Mouth/Body Connection so Powerful?

Understanding how the mouth affects the body is important to our practice and our patients. We want our patients to know that bacteria in the mouth can lead to infection. Infection can spread to the rest of the body through the blood stream. This is why it is so important to control these issues before they spread throughout the rest of the system.

The Body and Mouth are Not Separate

The health of your mouth can affect the health of your body and vice-versa. Denver Dentistry promotes good oral health care such as brushing at least twice daily, flossing once a day, and visiting our office for regular dental cleanings and checkups. The importance of maintaining good oral health can mean the difference in having good overall health, and important decision for any adult.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach to holistic dentistry.