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If you or any of your loved ones have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, there are some thoughts we would like to share with you.

It is a very destructive disease that can be a very silent disease. It can be very slow and progressive in its action, or it can be very fast and very destructive. In other words, it is very unpredictable in its mode of attack.

Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss today. Not cavities…

  • Periodontal disease is caused by many factors. The most serious and common factors are:
  • Harmful bacteria deposits and the inability to remove deposits and clean the teeth thoroughly.
  • Failure to have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Smoking, which depletes the body of vital nutrients, especially Vitamin C.
  • Genetics: Family history of gum disease or early loss of teeth.
  • Medical illness: For example, diabetes or osteoporosis

Potential benefits of the treatment for periodontal disease include:

  • Prevent or delay loss of teeth due to gum disease.
  • Prevent or delay costly and extensive surgical treatments.
  • Better smelling breath and foods tasting better.
  • Better smile: no bleeding or red gums showing.
  • Knowing you are not passing germs and bacteria to any of your loved ones through kissing or sharing food.

We understand that you and your parents may never have had the availability or the opportunity to practice preventative dentistry.

You can be assured that our office offers quality preventative services.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in improving your dental health. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer them. Thank you!

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