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Halloween is here, and it’s a SCARY time … scary for your teeth! All of the treats your kids are carrying home and all of the candy you’re passing out at the door and maybe enjoying some chocolate here and a caramel there, it’s working against the health of your teeth.

3 Tips for Halloween Candy:

1) When you’re sorting through the kids big bag of candy treasure, you’re looking for any that have been tampered with. You should also watch for hard candy that can chip a tooth. And keep an eye out for the really sticky stuff, such as harder caramels and sticky taffy. These can stick to teeth surfaces and they can pull out fillings requiring a trip back to the dentist.

Some parents get away with “I take 1, you keep 2,” but some have to take a more enterprising approaching by buying candy back, say a nickel for each questionable piece.

2) Some kids can go through their candy in a week, while some take their time and it lasts until the end of the year. Parents should limit the amount of candy at 1 sitting and allow these sugar treats to be enjoyed only with other food. Additional food or non-sugar snacks increases saliva to help break down the sugar quicker and decrease the effects on the teeth.

3) Immediately after enjoying candy, parents and children alike should brush, floss, and use an age appropriate mouthwash. The toothpaste and a mouthwash with flouride will add some protection against cavities.

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