What is this service?

The Denver Dentistry staff is on the frontline of disease detection. Information obtained from the medical history, as well as the extraoral and intraoral examination, can reveal sleep related breathing disorders risk factors. These assessments can be used to establish the path for a definitive diagnosis.

SleepImage has the only FDA cleared measure of sleep quality based on sleep stability, sleep fragmentation, sleep duration, and sleep pathology which is displayed as the Sleep Quality Index (SQI). SleepImage has medically-actionable sleep metrics, driven by objective physiological biomarkers and is cleared to evaluate sleep disorders to inform or aid diagnostic decisions.

What is the procedure?

A specialized ring that works with a smartphone application and proprietary cloud-based algorithms evaluate sleep quality. The SleepImage system works on a secure cloud-based website where the data is uploaded.

What are the benefits?

CPAP therapy is an effective way to address the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but many patients find their machine to be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Plus, a CPAP cannot provide a permanent solution to sleep-disordered breathing. Fortunately, at Denver Dentistry alternative treatments to address the root cause are available. Dr. Grabiak and his team are highly trained in using the Vivos protocol to non-surgically address the anatomical abnormalities that cause OSA.

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