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BIOLASE Teeth Whitening with Epic X Laser and More in Denver, CO

Some at-home and in-office whitening treatments vary in actual visible results and lasting effects, which can make it difficult to choose an effective, durable whitening treatment. At Denver Dentistry, we are offering an exciting new procedure that may have dramatic results called BIOLASE Teeth Whitening with Epic Laser. This innovative light treatment can give our patients up to nine shades whiter teeth in about 20 minutes with little to no discomfort and immediate results.

The Importance of White Teeth

“Pearly whites” are prized around the world as a sign not only of healthiness and wellbeing but also of care of self. A bright, healthy smile is more than the crown jewel of a pretty face; it can also be the icebreaker for important introductions, and the rapid defuser in moments of crisis. In business and pleasure, first impressions are everything; people always remember the smiles and handshakes of new acquaintances. A sparkling smile does wonders for self-esteem and confidence; when you know you look good, you feel great!

Teeth Whitening Options

When you first come to Denver Dentistry for tooth whitening the first person you’ll is meet Dr. Guy Grabiak DM, FAGD. Dr. Grabiak will go over your dental concerns and discuss treatment options with you. In addition to BIOLASE Teeth Whitening with Epic Laser, we also offer ZOOM!, another very effective light-based whitening procedure. At Denver Dentistry, we’re as committed to client education as we are to your comfort and satisfaction. He’ll make sure you understand how each procedure works, and answer any questions you have before you choose.

The BIOLASE Difference

Many of our tooth-whitening patients opt for BIOLASE Teeth Whitening with Epic Laser for three principal reasons:

  • BIOLASE’s special Epic X laser reacts with the hydrogen peroxide gel to accelerate whitening. The treatment itself lasts just under 20 minutes.
  • Results are usually more immediate and dramatic than traditional whitening tools.
  • Patients experience little to no discomfort during or after laser-activated tooth whitening.

We recommend BIOLASE for its efficiency and lasting results. It’s the perfect procedure for patients who want to see results fast, as well as for people who prefer shorter dental visits.

If you’re looking for a more confident, brighter smile, visit Dr. Grabiak at Denver Dentistry. Call us at 303-900-7341 or fill out our online form to schedule your visit.