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Candy That Pulls Out Teeth

July 25, 2010

Candy That Pulls Out Teeth When you were growing up, you probably wiggled a loose tooth with your tongue and fantasized about tying it to a doorknob with a piece of string. One quick slam of the door and bam! You would be free of the pesky tooth and made richer that night by the tooth fairy. Your parents probably never suggested this, but there are a number of candy products available in the convenience store that can do a great job of pulling teeth. Even adults are turning to this relatively pain-free, cost-efficient, and sweet alternative if they need dental work done.

According to polls online, some of the more popular candies that are sticky enough to pull out a tooth include Now and Later, Jolly Rancher, Sugar Daddy, Laffy Taffy, Charleston Chew, and Dots. Spending a buck or two on a package of candy can be dramatically less expensive than paying a dentist to sit in their chair. Many people are afraid of the dentist, so the pain is simply compounded by the (usually unfounded) fear. A cheap and less scary option seems like a win-win situation. However, there are risks to keep in mind if you put candy in charge of your dental work.

Pulling out a tooth leaves an open socket that can easily get infected and transmit bacteria to the blood in the rest of your body. Infections in your jaw and mouth are especially dangerous because certain facial blood vessels are very close to your brain. Tooth abscesses can also be exquisitely painful. Inflammation of the nerve root is a common cause of dramatic headaches and terrible jaw pain.

As such, it is wise to consult a dentist when considering your best options for tooth extraction. Dr. Grabiak and his team of friendly professionals will be happy to schedule a personalized and pain-free consultation to determine the extent of your dental needs. Dr. Grabiak practices dentistry with a friendly bedside manner and is able to offer his patients several options in order to ensure that they do not experience anything other than mild pressure or discomfort in their mouth. He is also able to monitor the healing of the tooth socket and ensure you get a round of antibiotics if necessary.

Most of us like to chew or suck on hard candy every once in awhile. Perhaps this sort of candy is what got your teeth into trouble in the first place. Even though Laffy Taffy may be cheaper than a trip to your dentist’s office, the risks of Willy Wonka performing your dental surgery outweigh the benefits. Take care of your mouth and it will help your overall health.

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