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Cavities in Front Teeth Need Porcelain Veneers

June 30, 2010

Porcelain VeneersCavities usually occur in the back teeth, and this is for many reasons. These are the teeth that do most of the chewing, and thus are in contact with the food the longest. Also, these are the teeth that are hardest to clean, leaving many individuals with bacteria and debris that they do not realize is there. However, cavities can occur in the front teeth as well, and when they do, they require the use of porcelain veneers.

When cavities occur in the back teeth, Dr. Grabiak fills them, often with a metal substance that leaves behind a silver look. For back teeth, this is not a big deal, because they are rarely seen. The look of the silver will not disrupt the individual’s appearance. But no one wants to see a silver spot shining out of his or her front tooth. For this reason, porcelain veneers, which mimic the natural look of the tooth, are used.

There are other options for filling front teeth. Enamel colored resin can be used to fill the decayed part, rather than covering the entire tooth with a veneer. The problem with this solution is that the resin will not change color the same as the natural tooth, and over time you will end up with discoloration where the resin is. Veneers cover the entire front of the tooth, which is a better solution, as the tooth will maintain a uniform appearance over time. For this reason, veneers are the preferred treatment used by Dr. Grabiak.

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