What is BioClear®?

BioClear® is a specialized technique to achieve a beautiful, youthful smile without requiring veneers. The BioClear® method uses a combination of unique prep designs for composite restorations, injection molding techniques, minimally invasive dentistry, and advanced materials. We can achieve anatomically sound contacts in Class II restorations, perform diastema closures and treat “black triangle” cases.

Who is a Candidate for BioClear®?

While dental veneers require reshaping of the tooth, this technique does not need any grinding or removing tooth structure.  BioClear® is durable enough to withstand wear-and tear from foods you eat throughout years with proper care -- brushing is important too!

If any one of the following apply to you... It's time to get treated!

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Uneven edges on your teeth
  • Gaps or black triangles between your teeth
  • Any chipped or cracked teeth

What Can You Expect During Your Treatment?

Once we have determined that you are a candidate, we can begin the treatment process. This process consists of 3 different steps to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. The first step of getting a new tooth is to remove any trace of biofilm from your teeth. Biofilm is a thin layer of plaque that are in the grooves of your teeth. Next, thin mylar forms that wrap around your teeth provide mold for an accurate representation on what will be filled with liquid composite, which then gets hardened using LED curing light before being polished for a smooth finish.

If you would like to smile with a set of beautiful, natural-looking teeth and are interested in learning more about the BioClear® process, please call Denver Dentistry today.

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