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Dental Service at Denver Dentistry

Dental Service at Denver Dentistry

Denver cosmetic, general, and restorative dentist, Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD and his Littleton dental health team are firm believers in preventative dental care. We are happy to take on new patients at our Denver Dentistry center in Littleton, CO. Dentists can help your smile last a lifetime and our team strives to take the stress out of going to the dentist. We leverage the latest in dental technology to be as minimally invasive as possible.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening: Nothing gives you confidence quite like a dazzling smile. Denver Dentistry offers several ways to brighten your smile, including in-office treatments and take-home procedures sure to fit any busy schedule.
  • Six Month Smile: Six Month Smile is an orthodontic procedure that can quickly and drastically change your smile. This method focuses on improving the alignment and spacing of your front teeth. If you’re looking for an alternative to braces, this could be right for you.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of nearly undetectable custom aligners. Invisalign has been proven effective in both clinical research and in our practice Denver Dentistry.
  • Gum Contouring: Gum contouring involves trimming away excess gum tissue with a special laser, which also seals blood vessels, keeping bleeding at a minimum while reshaping the gum line. For some patients, gum contouring can also eliminate pockets where bacteria accumulate.

General Dentistry

  • Routine Check-Ups: We provide routine check-ups for you and your entire family! On average, you should be getting routine maintenance on your teeth at least twice a year. We also provide the routine cleanings.
  • X-Rays: X-rays are a necessary part of ensuring you aren’t developing issues with your teeth or jaw. Make you keep up with getting your x-rays taken.
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“Mercury-free” refers to our strict opposition to the use of amalgam silver fillings. As a member of the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD), Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD utilizes a safe amalgam-free protocol to protect the patient as much as possible from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury during filling removal. We then insert non-metal fillings that can be made of either composite resins or ceramic.

In order to solidify the effectiveness in his approach, Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD has undergone additional training to become an expert on the relationships between the mouth and the body. He has also completed dentistry training in advanced dental techniques and usually completes anywhere from 100 to 150 hours of dental continuing education classes every year.


  • Dental implants: Dental implants fuse with your jaw and offer the closest resemblance in look, feel, and function to the teeth you were born with. Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD offers patients who are missing teeth an alternative to partial dentures or to complete dentures.
  • Crowns: Crowns are used to completely cover a damaged tooth to preserve its function, shape, and alignment. They are also placed on dental implants to provide a tooth-like restoration. We can insert these for you with ease.
  • Bridges: When teeth are missing, the gaps that are left can cause the remaining teeth to shift as the jawbone deteriorates. Bridges serve to prevent this from happening and to restore your smile and ability to eat. If a bridge or other dental appliance is not installed, the teeth may shift or the gap may lead to additional health problems, such as gum disease or TMJ disorders.
  • Dentures: These are provided to help anyone with missing or damaged teeth. We offer affordable partial and complete denture options, depending on each patient’s specific needs.
  • TMJ: TMJ is a disorder related to one’s jawbone, and the pain can be unmanageable for some. If you continuously clench and/or grind your teeth and experience frequent jaw pain, you may be suffering from TMJ. We can help relieve these problems.
  • Dental Fillings: There are a variety of reasons one may need dental fillings including cavities, tooth decay, cracked or broken teeth, and much more. Denver Dentistry offers you convenient and affordable dental fillings.
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Treating periodontal problems can help you achieve a healthy mouth and help prevent tooth loss. In fact, with prompt treatment, proper home care, and regular dental visits, a great majority of Denver patients can keep their teeth for a lifetime. After evaluating your periodontal health, Denver dentist Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD will work with you to determine the periodontal treatment and dental care options that best meet your needs.

If periodontal disease is your problem, the periodontal treatment can vary widely depending on how far the disease has progressed. If caught in the early stages, simple periodontal procedures are done that will remove the plaque and calculus from below the gum line and disrupt the infection-causing bacteria. If the disease has advanced to the point where the periodontal pockets are deep and the supporting bone is lost, further treatment might be necessary.

Other Services

  • Sleep Apnea: If you need help with sleep apnea, your Denver dentist could be an asset, depending on the severity of your sleep apnea. Littleton dentist Dr. Guy Grabiak may be able to help you stop snoring, get a better night’s sleep, and could potentially do this with an alternative to a CPAP machine.
  • Fillers: fillers is increasingly popular in Denver due to the fact that it’s quick and lasts four to six months. If you want to soften those lines on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and around your eyes, fillers is well-recognized as a way to do that. And who better to administer fillers injections than a skilled team of trained medical professionals in a hygienic and sterile environment?
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