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DURAthin and Porcelain Dental Veneers: Denver & Littleton, CO

Useful Information for Those Considering Cosmetic Denver or Littleton Dental Veneers

If you are looking for information about dental veneers in Littleton or Denver, you’ll find a number of Denver and Littleton cosmetic dentists who offer veneers. This is an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure because of the dramatic impact it can have on a person’s smile. At Denver Dentistry, Dr. Grabiak and his team have several cosmetic dentistry options that you can choose from.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a very thin shell that is bonded to your tooth. They have the ability to alter the shape of your teeth as well as the symmetry and color. While they’re not suitable for every Denver Dentistry patient, porcelain veneers offer a great option for improving the look of your teeth due to a variety of reasons involving your most prominent teeth, such as:

  • Diastemas (spacing issues between the teeth)
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Teeth that are crooked
  • Teeth that have not responded well to bleaching

One of the most significant benefits of seeing us here at Denver Dentistry for veneers is the fact that we can typically get you great results in just two visits. Littleton dentist Dr. Grabiak’s DMD, FAGD practice provides veneers that can last indefinitely. Dr. Grabiak’s dental veneers also provide resistance to stains and chipping.

What’s the Difference between DURAthin and Regular Porcelain Veneers?

DURAthin porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain pieces that are custom-made to adhere directly to the front of teeth without grinding or shaving. Some people prefer DURAthin over other veneers due to the fact that they can be done quickly and do not permanently change your teeth. Dental veneers require more of a commitment than DURAthin because the tooth face needs to be sanded in order for the veneer to adhere. Talk to us to learn more about which option might be best for you.

Not All Cosmetic Dentists in Littleton or Denver Offer DURAthin Veneers

Because the DURAthin veneer process requires special attention to detail and advanced knowledge of materials and cosmetic dentistry techniques, only dentists who have participated in an intensive DURAthin porcelain veneers course are certified to provide these services.

Denver DURAthin veneer dentist, Dr. Grabiak is only one of four Colorado dentists that is DURAthin Certified. Dr. Grabiak is a Littleton cosmetic dentist who firmly believes in ongoing learning and continuous self-improvement. Whether you choose regular porcelain veneers or an alternative option, Dr. Grabiak can help.

Concerns About Veneers Cost

How much do dental veneers cost? The cost of veneers in the Littleton and Denver area will depend on the extent of your procedure and the materials used. Veneers cost a fee per tooth.

Are veneers are covered by dental insurance?

While it is not common for this procedure to be covered by dental insurance, it can be an investment you get a great return on when you consider the possible positive outcome to your confidence levels.

Dental Veneers Financing in Littleton and Denver

While it’s not common for dental insurance companies to pick up the costs of veneers because they are considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, many people opt to have this done anyway. Cosmetic treatments that are elected as opposed to necessary are not usually covered by dental insurance providers but before you make the determination that porcelain veneers are right for you Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD will evaluate your teeth and determine what the procedure will entail to get you the results that you want. At our Littleton cosmetic dentistry office, we also offer dental financing. Costs of veneers or other treatment options do not have to limit your choices for smile improvements.

Littleton Dental Veneers Alternatives

Are there good dental veneer alternatives? Denver and Littleton dentist offices typically offer several veneers alternatives. If you are not a good candidate for veneers or if the cost of veneers has you concerned, talk to us about your options. If it is decided that veneers are not the best option for you Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD may suggest other alternatives to meet your smile goals. He may recommend teeth whitening if you have stained teeth, Invisalign clear braces for misaligned teeth, or dental bonding to restore the effects of wear and tear, aging, spacing, decay and more.

Learn more about Porcelain Dental Veneers from a Littleton dentist who cares. Contact our Littleton dental office for a consultation today.