Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry is actively seeking a veteran in need of restorative dental care as part of his involvement with the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics Results, Production & Marketing (ACE/RPM) A Soldier’s Smile charity. Dr. Grabiak, along with nearly two dozen dentists involved with the ACE/RPM marketing platform, will be performing free cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments on a select serviceman or woman who is in dire need of oral health care. The vets selected are generally unable to afford the dental care they need or are ineligible through the VA because of their position in or out of the service.

The VA is helping ACE dentists to find soldier’s and are very support of the campaign. In addition to the VA’s involvement, celebrity and former veteran Montel Williams has also sponsored the event and will be meeting with veterans and the dentists to discuss the transformations taking place. In some cases Montel and the ACE dentists will appear on national and local television to discuss the procedures and the need for the American community as a whole to give back to the men and women who fight for our freedom every day. As part of a relationship with the VA, the Fisher House Foundation has also formed an alliance with the ACE dental association. The Fisher House ( program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America’s military in their time of need. It is the hope of the ACE dentists, the VA, Montel Williams, and the Fisher House that the events gain enough traction so that they may be able to help many troops and so that other businesses and individuals contribute to giving back to people who need assistance.

Dr. Grabiak, one of Denver’s premier cosmetic and restorative dentists, will be donating his time, experience and expertise to help a troop in the coming months. He is an Air Force veteran and has completed three tours of duty where he received numerous awards and commendations for his service. Dr. Grabiak is also offering veterans and their family’s discounts on dental treatments up to 15% off.

To learn more about Dr. Grabiak visit his website at or call his office at 303-835-9948. Also on the site is a link to more information regarding the A Soldier’s Smile events. Parties interested in getting involved with A Soldier’s Smile can contact Rustin Savarese at