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December 25, 2010

You may have heard how some doctors take a holistic approach to diagnosing a health problem, looking at your whole body before making suggestions rather than dealing singly with the issue at hand which may not solve the long-term situation. Dentists are also able to make this distinction. Often a problem that begins in the mouth can affect the whole body and vice versa.

It is not black and white to list the specific differences between a traditional and a holistic dentist as many areas of their consultations cross over and it can be subjective but you can find Denver dentists that offer holistic approaches. Talking to them and reviewing their website can help you determine whether or not they offer the sort of holistic approach you are looking for.

Looking at Whole-Body Wellness as it Relates to Oral Health


Your local Denver holistic dentist will focus on whole-body wellness that begins with the mouth. Holistic is more about the overall philosophy of oral health care rather than naming the specific practices and procedures used by various dentists.

The most traditional of holistic dentists will help educate their patients around the greater importance of maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle and they will explain how dentistry plays a major role in the bigger health picture. There is increasing evidence of the connection between the mouth and the body and many dentists are happy to discuss this with patients.

Traditional dentists will certainly always assess a person’s overall health when they are exploring a patient’s mouth. They will understand how links have been formed between gum disease and a healthy heart, diabetes problems and many other related issues. Unfortunately, not all dentists have been trained in the long term effects that could affect your whole body from any actions performed by your dentist as well as dental health neglect. Not all dentists are trained in careful amalgam filling removal. Not all Denver dentists prefer to avoid amalgam fillings.

True holistic dentistry will usually argue against using mercury fillings and have a problem with digesting fluoride. A traditional dentist will deal with the immediate problem and solve the issue to the best of their ability, whereas a holistic dentist is always working with your long term and overall health in mind.

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