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Oral Appliances - No-mask Alternatives to CPAP -Denver Dentistry

Oral Appliances - No-mask Alternatives to CPAP

Do You Hate Your CPAP?

CPAP - I hate my CPAP

CPAP is the common treatment used to open up airways and get sleep apnea sufferers breathing again. So why are so many people saying “I hate my CPAP?”

  • It’s uncomfortable. Have you ever seen the actual device? It’s a face mask with straps that fits over the nose and mouth. This clunky piece of hardware has to be worn all night long, every night and wearers say it’s not comfortable.
  • Compromising positions. CPAP can only be worn when sleeping on your back or sometimes when sleeping on your side. This means that those who like to lay on their bellies are out of luck. It also means that if you move around too much in your sleep, it might not work.
  • Mixed results. Doctors say that CPAP is a highly effective treatment, but wearers report otherwise. They say they see mixed results. The reason is that you have to wear the device all night every night. Most people can only stand to wear it an average of 4 hours.
  • Facial irritation. In some cases, patients have developed problems related to CPAP, like rashes and break-outs from the straps, runny noses and sore throats, and itchiness and irritation around the eyes.
  • CPAP is the only available treatment for sleep apnea and it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient and doesn’t get you the restful night’s sleep you need. It’s the only treatment until now.

SomnoDent – An Excellent Alternative To The Not-So-Excellent CPAP

A new treatment for this condition improves upon the old facemask idea. SomnoDent is a mouthpiece that’s worn on your upper and lower jaw, like a sports mouth guard. It gently extends your jaw forward to help open the breathing passage. Ninety-one percent of patients reported substantial improvement in sleep quality with SomnoDent.

SomnoDent is comfortable, and doesn’t cause side effects like runny nose or eye irritation. It’s easy to use and you can wear it all night every night without any trouble. The mouthpiece has proven effective for countless patients who find the change from CPAP to be just what they needed.

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning bright-eyed. The sun peaking through your window doesn’t seem to be stabbing you with its rays. You’re happy to spring out of bed and face the day ahead, knowing that you’ll be alert, energetic and well rested. This is the life that could be yours. Kiss that face mask goodbye and see what the best alternative can offer you.

Denver Dentistry CPAP Alternatives

Dr. Grabiak of Denver Dentistry provides patients with sleep apnea CPAP alternatives in the form of oral appliances. These appliances, which are worn at night, are designed to keep the airway open while you sleep. Depending on the problem with your obstructive sleep apnea the device will be designed to help you combat the effects of sleep apnea. These are most successful for people with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Consulting with Dr. Grabiak will be your first step to treatment and helping you to avoid the CPAP machine that is inconvenient and burdensome to so many patients. The sleep apnea oral appliance is made by SomnoMed, a leader in sleep technologies. It fits in your mouth like a sports mouthguard and is an effective, FDA approved device that boasts substantial improvement in sleep quality.

SomnoDent Oral Appliances - Alternatives to CPAP