At Denver Dental, we commonly work with patients who have an acute fear of dentists and dentistry. Although there are several reasons why they might be afraid, the most common reason is that they are embarrassed by their lack of self-maintained oral hygiene and fear that all manner of sharp hurtful tools and drills will make the experience painful. We can help you face your fears by helping you to properly prepare for your next visit.

It is recommended that a person brushes and flosses their teeth twice a day, but any effort towards good oral hygiene can improve the health and function of your teeth, mouth, and gums. If you find that you’ve skipped a brushing here and there, or have gone weeks (or years) without flossing, it’s never to late to start. Starting a routine is easy, maintaining one is hard, but if you keep it up, habits will form and you won’t even think about missing a brushing.

Flossing is something that nobody truly loves to do. When you first start, it can hurt. Know that the more you floss, the stronger your gums become. This helps maintain the overall health of your gums and also keeps the spaces between teeth clean.

Even if you don’t adopt regular habits before a visit, we are not here to harm you! In fact, we provide gentle, professional dental care for every patient. Advances in technology help to equip our offices with precision tools, like waterpicks, that are a lot less painful. For those who experience severe anxiety, sedation dentistry is also available. Cleanings and consultations are important. Dr. Grabiak and staff encourages you to come in regularly and we will make you feel comfortable.