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From a sedation dentistry patient

December 20, 2009

“I have been afraid of the dentist basically as long as I can remember and I went most of my twenties avoiding dentists because of my fears. However, my fear of dentists recently caught up with me when I had so much tooth pain my whole head was throbbing. After doing some research I found out about sedation dentistry, which I had not known even existed. I went to Dr. Grabiak who specialized in sedation dentistry, where you are basically asleep the whole time without any recollection of the procedure. Dr Grabiak was able to do a full root canal on me while I took a nap and I literally did not feel a thing! It was absolutely amazing for someone like me (let’s just say I almost had a panic attack last time I tried to go to the dentist for a check-up!).

Denver Dentistry offered me three options when I went in, all of which let you rest comfortably while they work on you. For anything from a simple cleaning to something advanced like my root canal they can use sedation. This is perfect for people like me who get anxious about the dentist or who are really sensitive to pain. The first of the three options Dr. Grabiak offered was IV sedation, which basically means having medications supplied into the bloodstream through an IV (they said I would remember nothing with this option!). The second option was oral conscious sedation in which I could take the appropriate medication in a pill form in Dr. Grabiak’s office just prior to my procedure (they told me most patients then just nap through the procedure and awake afterwards feeling refreshed).

The third option I was offered at Denver Dentistry is called nitrous oxide sedation. You have probably heard of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” before – basically it induces a feeling of relaxation and then local anesthetic is used in combination to eliminate pain. Usually with nitrous oxide you fall asleep during the procedure and only remember bits of pieces of what happened during the visit.

Because of my anxiety around dentists and the procedure I was getting, Dr. Grabiak and I decided together that the IV sedation was the best option, but he can consult with you to determine the best option. For any of the three choices, the office makes you feel really comfortable and relaxed and it honestly felt more like going to a spa than the dentist. I woke up feeling really relaxed and then went home and slept like a rock. In fact, you will be so relaxed afterwards that you should make sure you have a friend or significant other to pick you up from the office and drive you home!”


– Anonymous patient

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