What Is an Occlusal or Sports Mouthguard?

Generally, mouth guards can help patients that suffer from bruxism most commonly known as teeth grinding. Additionally, mouth guards are used for a variety of reasons, to reduce jaw tension and pain, and even prevent headaches. Sports mouth guards are made for athletes, and help to protect your teeth from physical damage or trauma. Other types of mouth guards position the jaw to improve oxygen intake during sleep.

How Does a Mouthguard Work?

Many individuals wear oral devices over their teeth while sleeping. Athletes of all ages will wear the mouth guards during activity to protect from trauma. Many of our mouth guards are made of nylon. Mouth guards are devices used to protect your teeth or improve your sleep quality. Not all mouthguards are the same. There are many types, depending on your needs. The main goal of customized bite guards is to protect the teeth from physical forces or outside trauma, provide equilibrium, and maximize the airway. These low-profile appliances are lightweight, flexible and strong. Nylon appliances precisely engage the undercuts to provide ideal retention and fit.

Occlusal & Sports Guards

What Are the Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard?

There are many options out there when shopping for mouth guards. We discourage our patient from using one size fits all, prefabricated and on-line purchases of oral appliances. The TMJ is a complex joint and occlusion needs to be carefully evaluated for the right fit and choice of appliance. At Denver Dentistry, we provide a detailed consultation to discuss what type of mouth guard will best address your needs.

After Dr. Grabiak determines the type of guard you need, we obtain digital impressions of your teeth and occlusion. We can expect the appliance to be back from our specialized laboratory in about 2 weeks. While you wait for your customized bite splint there is no need to suffer. We have same day treatment options to get you out of pain now. Including temporary customized appliances and laser pain therapy.

Interested in Finding Out More?

If you are interested in finding out more about occlusal or sports mouthguards, Denver Dentistry can help. We provide a detailed consultation to determine what type of guard will work best, and give the highest level of care to all of our patients. Our facility uses state of the art technology and equipment, in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

If you grind your teeth at night, or need extra protection during sporting events, we encourage you to make an appointment to see how a mouthguard can benefit you.

To schedule your appointment with us contact Denver Dentistry, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

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