What is this service?

Biocompatible dentistry is used to refer to the holistic practice in dentistry. This approach considers a patient’s overall wellness and does not only focus on the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth. It takes into account how the chemicals used in dental treatments affect the rest of your body as a whole. Biocompatible dentistry also facilitates the selection of least offensive restorative products for individual patients. 

What is the procedure?

Dr. Grabiak and his team are committed to implement dentistry that carefully considers what materials they put in a patient’s mouth since this can have a ripple effect on the patient’s systemic health and overall wellness. Biocompatible dental materials are non-toxic substances that do not cause adverse effects on a person’s biology when used in their mouth. At Denver Dentistry we also try to avoid invasive procedures, like surgery, when less-invasive treatment options are available.

What are the benefits?

Your mouth is a microenvironment that acts as a window into the health of the rest of your body. We respect and understand the relationship between oral health, immune system, digestive system, sleep patterns, and heart health. Our biocompatible and holistic approach combines both minimally invasive treatment practices with the highest technology to achieve the most optimal results specific to your needs. 

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