What is this service?

At Denver Dentistry we utilize specific formulations of CBD designed to reduce the pain and stress associated with cleaning and other dental procedures. These formulations promote restful sleep and reduce pre-appointment anxiety, promote relaxation during your appointment, and reduce inflammation and discomfort after dental treatment.

What is the procedure?

Dr. Grabiak will prescribe three different CBD soft gels (Rest, Relax & Recover), specifically formulated to work before, during and after a dental procedure to reduce symptoms without the risk of dependency or unwanted side effects. Hemp-derived Cannabidiol is non-hallucinogenic, safe and effective.

What are the benefits?

In dentistry, CBD can serve as an effective tool for managing symptoms associated with dental phobia, gingivitis, peri-implantitis, periodontal disease and TMD. Products containing CBD do not typically carry the same habit-forming chemicals that traditional treatments involve. CBD does not cause a “high.” Instead of making people feel a certain way, it has been described as not having a specific feeling. The impact is subtle but effective. 

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