What is this service?

With a simple salivary test, five specific bacteria (Aa, Pg, Td, Tf, and Fn) can be identified and isolated. These bacteria are most frequently mentioned as contributors to all chronic inflammatory diseases including cardiovascular disease, ischemic stroke, brain abscesses, & heart infections. These same bacteria are also directly associated with alveolar bone loss which leads to tooth loss if not treated.

What is the procedure?

Utilizing the latest qPCR technology, we offer the most accurate test (lowest limit of detection) available to test for bacteria in saliva. Accuracy means we find these harmful pathogens early, making them easier to treat and driving successful outcomes faster. Testing is as simple as providing a saliva sample to be sent to our lab for review.

What are the benefits?

"Periodontal disease is a serious inflammatory and infectious disease, and yet dentists are still primarily using ‘technology' that was invented in 1936 (the periodontal probe) to both diagnose and form treatment plans. The periodontal probe does not diagnose an infection. It simply measures the past damage that has been driven by pathogens that set the immune process into a ‘chronic damage mode' (chronic inflammation). Because every infection is different, it makes zero scientific sense to treat every patient as if they have the same infection." Dr. Tom Nabors

Salivary testing is the first step in early detection and prevention.

  • Testing determines the cause and severity of an infection
  • Testing provides a medical diagnosis
  • Testing validates treatment
  • Testing identifies early stages of infection

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