What is this service?

Mercury Tri-Test utilizes patented advanced technology that separates methyl mercury from inorganic mercury and measures each independently. Unlike common “Challenge Testing”, the Mercury Tri-Test separates methyl mercury (mostly from seafood or amalgam-based mercury) from inorganic mercury (the most toxic form) and measures each directly. No Need for Challenge Testing – Challenge testing can result in redistribution of metals in the organs. It can also have difficulties identifying long term toxicity and your unique mercury excretion capabilities. Mercury Tri-Test provides unprecedented information on exposure sources, body burden and ability to excrete each form of mercury.

What is the procedure?

Samples of blood, urine, and hair are taken to help practitioners and patients understand the magnitude and source of mercury exposure, as well as the body’s ability to eliminate it. If indicated, a one week, two-step protocol designed to support the detoxification and elimination of mercury and other heavy metals during the removal of “mercury” or silver dental fillings and materials . The MerProtect Protocol is a combination of two unique Quicksilver Scientific Products – Liposomal Glutathione Complex and AmalgaClear. 

What are the benefits?

In the removal of amalgams (mercury fillings), the body needs to bind to and remove heavy metals that may be released. MerProtect helps fuse potentially harmful compounds that may be released during and after the removal of mercury fillings, helping to prevent reabsorption. The two products in this protocol contain elements that can lend enhanced support before, during and subsequent to amalgam removal.

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