Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA by ELISA/act™)

What is this service?

Mercury fillings and other dental restorative materials are not the only source of potentially hazardous compounds. Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA by ELISA/ACT™) tests quickly and precisely determines the hidden causes of many chronic conditions and help patients find sustained relief. By looking directly at lymphocytes the LRA test detects all types of delayed food and chemical hypersensitivities to as many as 512 items. LRA tests by ELISA/ACT is a functional test that detects only symptom-provoking lymphocyte reactions, not merely the presence and amount of antibodies (which can be protective or symptom-provoking). This distinction is clinically important and can only be made by a functional, cell response assay.

What is the procedure?

LRA by ELISA/ACT testing is a cell culture done on a sample of whole blood. The serum is separated and incubated together with purified antigens. The reaction is then read to determine reactivity of your lymphocytes against the purified antigens. Each test looks at a specific antigen type.

What are the benefits?

LRA tests by ELISA/ACT are more reliable and comprehensive than other tests of delayed food and chemical sensitivities (Antibody, particle size, mediator release). Antibody tests such as IgG and IgG4 are nonfunctional tests, looking at only one delayed pathway - not a complete picture of the immune system.  

Functional tests generally improve patient outcomes by addressing the root cause. The LRA tests help you and Dr. Grabiak to identify common items that are over-stressing your immune system. It is an effective tool to better assess your health status, including nutrient deficiencies and immune system resilience.

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