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Holistic Dentistry In Denver and Littleton CO with Dr. Grabiak

At Denver Dentistry, Dr. Guy Grabiak DMD, FAGD considers the relationship between your overall health and the health of your teeth and gums. This means we only utilize materials, treatments, and techniques designed to support the well-being of your entire body.

Holistic Dentistry In Denver and Littleton CO

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry focuses on how your oral health impacts the overall health of your body, as well as how chronic conditions that affect the body manifest in the teeth and gums. Clinical research, including a 2018 study published by the European Society of Cardiology, shows that good dental hygiene can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke, and other cardiovascular conditions.

Dr. Grabiak as a Holistic Dentist

In addition to his dental degree, Dr. Grabiak has additional training on the relationship between the general health of the body and oral health. His extensive study of kinesiology has supported his view that one cannot be truly healthy without healthy teeth and gums, and he strives to help his patients achieve this goal.

Dr. Grabiak is a member of the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD), which advocates for the use of fillings that reduce patients’ exposure to mercury. Although mercury is approved for use in fillings by the American Dental Association (ADA), the World Health Organization states that no amount of mercury is safe. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden completely banned the use of mercury in dental amalgams in 2008. Dr. Grabiak discontinued his use of fillings containing mercury in 1997.

Holistic Dentistry In Denver and Littleton CO
Holistic Dentistry

Reasons to Use a Holistic Dentist

Concern about exposure to mercury is an excellent reason to visit a holistic dentist. If you need a filling, you can avoid mercury exposure by selecting a provider that does not use it in their fillings. We also use a minimally invasive technique established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to remove old fillings and replace them with mercury-free ones.

If you’re concerned about your risk for chronic health conditions because of family history or other factors, we can treat gum disease and other oral health issues that can also impact your risk.

Patients who have a compromised immune system, have severe allergies, take multiple medications, or need complex dental restoration can also benefit from holistic dental care. Dr. Grabiak will carefully consider how these underlying health issues will be impacted by dental treatment.

How Holistic Dentistry Affects the Body

As a holistic dental practice, our treatments work to support your overall health. Some of the ways we can positively impact patient health through dentistry include the following:

  • Preventing exposure to mercury with the use of mercury-free fillings
  • Treating diseases and infections that can spread from the mouth to other organs and systems
  • Reducing patient exposure to potential allergens and irritants used in dental treatments
  • Providing minimally invasive, conservative treatments
  • Detecting signs of chronic conditions that affect the teeth and gums

If you live in the Denver area and you’re interested in the benefits of holistic dentistry, schedule an appointment with Dr. Grabiak today by calling 303-647-3423 or completing our online contact form.

Mercury-Free Fillings

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that mercury fillings are completely harmless and safe. But on the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that no level of mercury is safe. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden completely banned the use of mercury amalgams in 2008. Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD is a biologic dentist that has not used mercury amalgams in his dental practice since 1997. Holistic dentists recognize the strong link between oral health and overall general health. Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD studied kinesiology extensively and realizes one cannot be truly healthy without good oral health. As a member of the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD) he utilizes a safe amalgam free protocol to protect the patient as much as possible from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury during filling removal.

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Amalgam Fillings: Safe Removal Protocol

  • Use a rubber dam to prevent debris from being inhaled or swallowed. The rubber dam is designed to isolate the teeth being worked on, making it easier for the dentist to protect the teeth from moisture, bacteria and the tongue, as well as making it easier to evacuate the filling material.
  • Provide oxygen through a nasal hood which covers the nose.
  • Use high-volume evacuation through a powerful vacuum/suction system placed as close to the filling as possible.
  • Cool the fillings by using as much water as possible to reduce the amount of vaporization of mercury.
  • Use of a saliva ejector behind the rubber dam to remove anything that escaped behind the dam.
  • Chunking Amalgams. Sectioning the fillings into large chunks which can be removed by the suction or hand instruments helps to reduce the dispersion of mercury vapor.
  • Continuously and thoroughly rinsing the dam to remove amalgam particles.
  • Cleaning up immediately once the removal process is completed. The dam and gloves are disposed of and the mouth is vigorously rinsed and suctioned for at least 10 seconds. This helps to assure the removal of any filling particles trapped by the saliva.
  • Detoxification program and nutritional supplements should be started under the guidance of your physician.

*the above protocol may not be appropriate for all patients.