How to Correct a Narrow Smile We are born with a combination of genetics passed down from our parents that make many aspects of our health and appearance essentially inevitable. From the color of our eyes to the shape of our noses, we don’t get to choose the features that make us who we are. However, the field of elective cosmetic surgery has dramatically changed our ability to alter the way we look and fight or enhance our genetic make-up. Dental work and the shape of our smile is no different. Many people are unhappy with the size and shape of their teeth, discoloration, or the way their lips frame their smile. Dentists such as Dr. Grabiak are able to enhance your natural assets while improving the appearance of your teeth and making you want to smile more.

A narrow smile is traditionally defined as a smile that shows six teeth or fewer in front when the lips are parted in an amicable expression. Some people think their smiles are too small and would like the wide, dramatic expressions that are often associated with Hollywood. Big, broad smiles give a person the appearance of being happy and trustworthy. This may be important for people in positions involving customer relations or sales. Also, narrow smiles can make speaking clearly more difficult and you may find that you are slurring your words if trying to talk quickly. Whatever your reason, there are a number of options to help Dr. Grabiak give you a wider and brighter smile.

Part of the process of creating a wider smile may involve a consultation with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Depending on the structure of your jaw and the severity of the problem, they may need to help surgically correct the problem. Other alternatives include veneers or an aligning product such as Invisalign. Contact Dr. Grabiak and his team of friendly professionals for a personalized consultation to determine your dental needs. Your narrow smile can be corrected relatively quickly and easily. Dr. Grabiak will ensure you are proud to show off your new smile.

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