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How to Deal With Halloween Candy for Denver Parents

September 25, 2010

Halloween with kids can be a lot of fun with all the preparations for dressing up in costume and going out trick or treating. Although this time of year is a treat, Dr. Grabiak has some tricks on getting through and handling your child’s candy consumption after the 31st while practicing good child dental practices.

It’s important to plan your trick or treating route in your neighborhood, with neighbors you know and trust. One prevention idea would be to speak with the parents about safe alternative for overly sugary candies. Many options include rice crispy treats, fruit treats, or individually bagged cookies. These are still a treat and less harmful than a candy bar.

Make sure that your children aren’t hitting every house in town. It can be exciting for a kid to have gathered a huge bag of candy, but it would be incredibly unhealthy to consume it all. If they come back with a modest portion of candy, they can still properly enjoy the holiday without damaging teeth.

After they’ve come home, sift through the bag to make sure that there is nothing compromising in there. You can work together to eliminate hard sticky candies that damage teeth the most and throw away anything that has been improperly packaged. You can allow your kid a little excess in the moment but, after the night is through, monitor their candy eating with a jar in the kitchen, allowing only one or two small servings at a time.

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