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How to Floss Teeth

February 25, 2010

As a child, our minds are malleable, able to easily absorb new information. Through repetition and practice, the things we learn as child become second nature to us. From saying our ABC’s to tying our own shoes, we can run through these simple tasks without a second thought. Why, then, do so many people fail to floss their teeth properly? Maybe we get too busy to put the time in to practicing, or maybe we never really learned the correct method as a child. Regardless, it’s never too late to learn the proper way to floss your teeth. Meet Dr. Grabiak for excellent tips.

The first step in proper flossing is to select the right kind of floss for your needs.
These days there are literally dozens of different styles and types of floss available at most stores. While flavor may be a personal choice, make sure you chose a floss with a thickness consistent with the amount of space between your teeth. Denver Dentist, Dr. Grabiak, can help you pick the correct floss for you. Once you have the proper floss, you will need to select the correct length of floss to use. For most people, 12 to 18 inches of floss coiled around the fingers should be enough, leaving a few inches of thread to do the actual flossing. Next, move the floss between the teeth, all the way down to the gums but being careful not to force to strongly down on the gums. Then, move the thread vertically in an up and down pattern between the teeth, freeing any plaque or food that may be lodged in the crevice. Repeat this pattern for the spaces between each of your teeth, and repeat this whole process at least once a day.

If you feel as though you might need a flossing refresher, feel free to ask for some tips on your next visit to the offices of Dr. Grabiak. They will be able to help you ‘brush’ up on the proper way to floss so that you can make proper dental care a part of your daily life.

By learning to properly floss your teeth, you can prevent a number of serious dental problems from taking a hold on your teeth and gums. Taking a few extra seconds to floss properly today may save you a great deal of time, pain and money in the future.

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