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Mercury Free Dentistry: Littleton and Denver, CO

Mercury Free Dentistry: Littleton and Denver, CO

Reasons to Make Mercury Free Dentistry a Rule

Mercury free dentistry is increasing in popularity in Littleton and Denver, Colorado. Denver Dentistry firmly believes in mercury-free dentistry. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Guy Grabiak is a mercury free dentist in Denver who believes in the mouth-body connection. Your oral health is strongly linked to your overall health. Dr. Grabiak believes that science has shown that you need to take good care of your mouth so that you can minimize risk of system links like cancer, diabetes, pregnancy complications, stroke risk, and more.

While the American Dental Association currently believes mercury is safe in dentistry, many other countries have already banned it. Here at Denver Dentistry, we believe that mercury free dentistry is the way of the future and we encourage our patients to educate themselves on the dangers of mercury in dentistry and to talk to us about safe options for removing the mercury in your mouth.

The Problem with Mercury in Dentistry

Many people in Denver and Littleton have amalgam fillings, which contain a blend of metals including mercury. Mercury in dental fillings could leach into the body over time and this could provide a plethora of negative symptoms. Mercury is a highly toxic substance and there could be a long list of possible side effects of mercury poisoning due to old amalgam fillings in your mouth. While there is debate and ongoing studies about the safety of mercury in dental fillings, holistic dentists who have a firm belief in the mouth being connected to holistic health typically find alternatives to amalgam fillings to use in their practice for new fillings as well as offer services to safely remove old fillings and replace them with more attractive mercury-free tooth-colored resin.

Mercury Free Dentistry in Littleton and Denver, CO

Some dentists in Denver and Littleton, CO still use amalgam fillings. Be sure you’re dealing with a holistic dentist when having dental work done on yourself and /or family members. Dr. Guy Grabiak can safely remove fillings with mercury and replace them with attractive white mercury-free fillings. Visit our holistic dentistry page to learn more about how we keep you safe during amalgam filling removal.

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