I went to Dr. Grabiak because of his academic and CE “pedigree.” I wanted the best I could find for cosmetic procedures. It was clear that he was very experienced with the latest cosmetic and general dentistry interventions. Initially, I had very thorough assessments that included talking about options, many photographs of my mouth for evaluating my bite and teeth, a CD of my photos to view with my husband at home, models, then a model of how my teeth would look when corrected. The verbal consultation time included his office manager, Tricia. Tricia and Dr. Grabiak were/are very professional, friendly, and they took an inordinate amount of time (I never felt hurried along) to review procedures and insurance/financial options. All of this time and a treatment plan were included in a nominal initial visit price. Prior to the veneer procedures, I had two cleanings, one was a laser cleaning, and some periodontal work performed by a perio. specialist. This is well-coordinated facility. I will continue using Dr. Grabiak and I recommend him without reservation. Getting veneers is not an easy process, i.e. the novacaine shots and time in the chair are challenging, however, the results have been well worth it. Dr. Grabiak and I recommend him without reservation.
Posted on Angies List by Anne F.