We all know a great smile has a lot of power. A smile from someone passing on the street or across a crowded room can change your whole day. If you are researching different options to improve your appearance, there are a lot of choices out there for a “smile makeover.”

If you look at Dr. Grabiak’s Smile Gallery, you will see many before smiles compared to the beautiful after appearance. Denver Dentistry has a number of different procedures they can do to improve your smile. For example, they offer both DURAthin and porcelain veneers if you want to completely change the shape and appearance of your teeth. In fact, Dr. Grabiak is one of only four dentists in Colorado who is DURAthin certified!

If your teeth are already straight but you are more worried about stains or discoloration (for example, red wine and coffee make teeth look not-so-white) they have tooth whitening. I am sure you have heard about Zoom! whitening on TV or in magazines since a lot of celebrities get it. It is amazing because in just over an hour your teeth will be whiter, and it is a totally quick and painless procedure.

Another whitening option that is very dramatic and permanent is called deep bleaching. Dr. Grabiak will create a customized deep bleaching tray specifically for your teeth, and you will take it home and use it for about 14 nights.

Two other procedures offered at Denver Dentistry are dental bonding and gum contouring. Dental bonding can correct gaps, cover chips, repair fractioned teeth or even cover discolorations. It can be done in only one visit and has great results. The other procedure, gum contouring – It is for people like me who have a “gummy” smile and involves reducing some of the gum tissue with a specialized laser to ensure a more beautiful smile.