Do you show your teeth when you smile? There are so many different ways your smile can be dull and make you feel self-conscious. Through cosmetic dentistry, Denver dentist, Dr. Guy Grabiak of Denver Dentistry, can transform your smile into one you want to show off. No matter what your concerns, there is a procedure that can correct the problem.

One of the most common problems is discoloration. Coffee, sodas, smoking and red wine are the most common culprits of darkened teeth. Using the Zoom! Whitening gel and special light treatment, Dr. Grabiak can restore your teeth to a more natural white. He also has at home products available so you can maintain the whiteness.

Maybe your teeth are oddly shaped, asymmetrical and discolored. You feel like a jack-o-lantern when you smile. Porcelain veneers are bonded over your teeth to fix gaps, chips and other superficial problems. For crooked teeth, Denver Dentistry offers Invisalign to discreetly help straighten the teeth of teens and adults.

Another problem that adults face is losing a tooth. When kids lose a tooth, their adults grow in but when adults do, that’s it. There is a gaping space that really makes you feel uncomfortable. Dr. Grabiak can place permanent dental implants that appear like natural teeth. Prosthetics and dentures are also an alternative to missing teeth.