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What is Ozone Therapy at Denver Dentistry

Ozone Dentistry in Denver and Littleton, CO

What is Ozone Therapy or Ozone Treatment?

Ozone is a natural antibiotic that kills bad bacteria and leaves healthy bacteria to continue doing its job. Among the many applications, Ozone application has become our preferred technique to:

  • Reduce if not eliminate tooth sensitivity
  • Disinfect tooth preparations after decay removal
  • Sterilize infected teeth during root canal therapy
  • Improve circulation in the jaw muscles
  • Inactivate or kill viruses, bacteria and fungi

How Ozone Therapy Can Help Teeth

Ozone is safely used in the gaseous form, or as ozonated water to irrigate sockets after a tooth has to be removed. Necrotic and abscessed teeth requiring root canal therapy can be safely disinfected with ozone gas insufflation into the canal spaces prior to sealing them. Decayed teeth are treated with ozone gas as well prior to final tooth restoration.

The benefits of ozonation of teeth is to reduce sensitivity of the tooth after decay removal and restoration, sterilization of the ‘infected’ tooth so a new cavity is less likely to begin again, and to prevent any residual bacteria from causing any further pulpal disease, inflammation, or infection.

Common Questions About Ozone Therapy at Denver Dentistry

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

Yes. Ozone is a safe and natural tool when used by a properly trained dentist like Dr. Grabiak. It is also quick and convenient, and does not require any invasive procedures or anesthesia.

Is Ozone Therapy Painful?

Ozone dental therapy is painless. It is a non-invasive method that treats the early signs of tooth decay. For children and adults who fear dental treatment, this therapy does not involve drills, fillings, or injections.

Why Should I Choose Denver Dentistry for Ozone Therapy?

We are dedicated to providing our patients with new and improved ways to manage their oral health. Our methods include a more natural and conservative path toward oral hygiene. Ozone dental therapy is just one of the holistic treatments we offer our patients at Denver Dentistry. Call our office today and schedule your new patient appointment!