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Post Operative Instructions

Your tooth needed a crown due to a fracture, large cavity and/or worn out filling. A crown can help save this tooth for a lifetime!

  • Don’t eat until the numbness is gone. You might bite your cheek or lip. You can drink anytime.
  • You have a plastic temporary crown until the permanent one is ready. Do not chew hard or crunchy foods on this plastic shell, it may split the plastic.
  • Do not chew gum or sticky candy. These can pull the plastic shell loose or completely off. If your temporary comes loose you must call the office. If your temporary comes off it can cause a problem with your permanent crown or damage the tooth underneath it.
  • This is a minor surgery. As with any surgery, you may have discomfort. You might have hot or cold sensitivity for about one week. If you have either strong pain, or irritation lasting longer than a week, please call the office. Advil or Tylenol usually works well to keep you comfortable.
  • You may have had laser gum modification as well. Do not floss for the first week. Warm salt water and gentle cleaning are best. Please still brush the area. If it bleeds easily, be less vigorous.
  • Your bite should feel balanced. Afterwards, if it does not, please call the office for a quick adjustment when you are not numb. If it has a high spot it may crack the temporary crown or give you a toothache.
  • Use a hot/warm washcloth over the injection site to soothe the muscles.


Temporary Restorations

  • Temporary crowns are usually placed while permanent restorations are being constructed.
  • They are fragile and easily broken or lost since they are cemented with temporary cement.
  • Avoid chewing on them as much as possible.
  • Avoid sticky or gummy foods.
  • When flossing, avoid the area, or floss according to instructions given at the office.
  • If temporary comes loose, place back on with sugarless gum, candlewax or denture powder and call the office for replacement. It is very important that temporaries be replaced when they come off in order to prevent tooth movement and sensitivity.