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Success Guidelines

  • Our commitment to you is to help produce a noticeable, pleasant result! If you have anything less than that let us know so we can help you succeed!
  • EVERYONE achieves whitening, the final results depends on how YOU utilize the system at home.
  • The BRIGHTEST results come from daily, consistent use until the final shade is achieved.
  • Apply the solution as directed to the tray. Place it in your mouth and look in the mirror. Bite the tray into position and watch that all of the front teeth in the tray with with gel. If you see any significant air bubbles, pull the tray out, add solution and reposition it.
  • Use a dry finger to wipe off any excess gel that squishes out onto the gums. RECHECK this after 10 minutes of use as more gel usually squeezes out (this will minimize sensitivity).
  • Spit any excess gel. The solution is NOT harmful to swallow. (It’s original formulation was used as an FDA approved oral rinse since the 1950’s.) If you swallow much gel you may experience a mild sore throat sensation. It will stop when you stop when you take out the trays.
  • Wear the trays for a minimum of 60 minutes, but during the day not longer than 90 minutes at a session. You may wear the trays to bed at night. Some people easily establish a routine by using them at bedtime. You may use the trays during the day if that works better for you.
  • You will likely have some sensitivity along the process. It may be a tingling or stinging of the teeth or gums. (It has always stopped in my experience of 14 years of whitening.)
  • If you have sensitivity you need to skip a day of whitening. You will need to modify your schedule to manage your sensitivity. If you have any questions about your sensitivity, please phone the office.
  • ALL teeth have a natural variation in coloration. It is most noticeable on the lower front teeth. Sometimes it looks like a yellow band near the gumline. The gum portion of the teeth is darker or yellowier at the gumline than toward the biting edge. ALL of your teeth will be whiter, but the gumline edge will always look yellowier than the biting edge. (If you are expecting all of your teeth to be “white-white” from top to bottom, you may have unrealistic expectations for whitening. Please discuss this with us right away!)
  • You will have 10% fading when you finally stop whitening. Your teeth will still be very white though!
  • Most people stay white for about 2 years. The longevity of your whitening depends primarily on your diet (coffee, tea, wine, etc.). Your teeth will always be lighter than if you had never whitened.
  • You will need an occasional touch-up. Keep any solution left over from your kit. It is usually good for 2-3 years. We have inexpensive touch-up kits available for the future.
  • The whitening process is completely SAFE. You cannot harm your teeth when you use this system as directed!