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Managing Dental Anxiety in Denver Is Easier Than Ever

Dental anxiety is a common condition that affects people of all ages. This type of anxiety is an intense fear that sometimes causes patients to avoid seeking dental care for years. Dental anxiety can be stressful, but the team at Denver Dentistry can help make your next appointment as comfortable as possible.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can be driven by several factors, and pain is one of the most common. One painful procedure can cause patients to fear all other dental treatments. This sense of dread can even prevent them from scheduling future dental appointments. Other patients have trouble sitting still and allowing the dentist to be in control. Also, some people simply aren’t comfortable with letting another person be so close to their face and mouth.

Another common cause of dental anxiety is a negative experience. One bad appointment with a dentist who is incompetent or has poor bedside manner can create a fear that sticks with patients for years. The staff at Denver Dentistry takes special care to assist patients with dental anxiety by ensuring that each visit to our office is a positive experience.

Managing Your Dental Anxiety

While dental anxiety is debilitating for many people, there are ways to manage and overcome it. Some patients find that meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness exercises work well to keep them calm. Others prefer to be distracted by their favorite songs or TV shows. Stress balls and fidget spinners have also worked well for some patients. However, the best way to manage dental anxiety is telling your dentist that you’re nervous about your visit. At Denver Dentistry, we’ll use this information to tailor your treatment plan to your needs to help you manage your anxiety.

Denver Dentistry’s Options

When appropriate, Denver Dentistry can use two treatments, Kovanaze® and DentalVibe, to help patients who suffer from dental anxiety feel more comfortable. Kovanaze® offers patients a needle-free way to receive anesthesia, reducing their stress when it’s time for procedures like fillings or crowns. Administered through a nasal spray, Kovanaze® only numbs the teeth, without dulling feeling in the lips or cheeks. Denver Dentistry was among the first dental practices in the region to offer this innovative new technique.

Another tool we regularly use is DentalVibe, which helps reduce or eliminate pain from needles by using a gentle vibration at the injection site, preventing the brain from registering the pain of the injection. These tools are considered safe and effective. Denver Dentistry is one of the only local dental practices to take advantage of these treatments and help patients with anxiety issues undergo the exams and procedures they need to maintain their dental health.

Kovanaze® and DentalVibe have helped make managing dental anxiety easier than ever, but it’s also important to have a kind, compassionate dental team by your side. Dr. Grabiak and Dr. White at Denver Dentistry are committed to providing you with exceptional care in a comfortable setting. Request a consultation today by calling us at 303.988.6118.

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