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Post Operative Instructions

Your teeth were filled today to repair the damage from your cavities.

  • Don’t eat until all the numbness is gone so that you don’t bite your lip or cheek.
  • The fillings are already hardened. You won’t damage them with normal chewing today.
  • If front teeth were filled, the color will take 1-2 days to even out. Call if you are anything less than “wowed” with the final look. • Your bite ought to feel like it matches well. Some discrepancies don’t show up until the numbness is gone. If you have even a small high or pressure spot we need to hear from you. Otherwise you will risk injuring the nerve in the tooth or breaking it.
  • Fillings are minor surgery on your teeth to repair the damage from a cavity. As with any minor surgery, you will be aware that you had treatment done. You may have hot or cold sensitivity that may last for up to 1 week. If you have strong temperature reactions or lingering symptoms over 1 week: that is not normal, please call the office.
  • You may feel sore where the injection was given. Moist heat or an over-the-counter pain reliever (like Advil or Tylenol) can be helpful.