I found Dr. Grabiak on the web and decided to make an appt based on his rave reviews. He had to remove my old bridgework and replace it. I have TMJ and had had several bad experiences in the past. Dr. G allowed me to remove the plastic wedge that held my mouth open whenever I needed to allow my jaw to rest. Karen even massaged my jaw to help with the discomfort. This procedure was not as unpleasant and painful as the first time. I’m looking forward to getting my new bridge and having my teeth whitened. The office is very clean and state-or-the-art. I am greeted by name when I arrive and treated professionally. Trisha got all of my insurance info and helped me make a plan for future dental work. This is the very first time a dentist has ever asked me what I want done with my teeth. I especially liked the initial consultation. I feel like MY needs are important and I’m not just another patient or number. I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Grabiak and his staff to others.

About Hygienist: Have not had my teeth cleaned yet but met the hygienist. She assisted Karen with preparation of my temporary bridge work. Both of them were professional and attuned to my needs.