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Take Your Oral Hygiene to the Next Level with Ozone at Home

Mar 19, 2024 | Dental Ozone, Oral Health & Hygiene

Last time, we looked at some of the ways in which we use ozone in providing holistic, biological dental care to our patients. But ozone has one more virtue we want to share with you: Ozone is something you, yourself, can put to work at home as part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

Using Ozonated Oils at Home

Ozone has some serious superpowers when it comes to oral health. It’s like a ninja for bacteria, viruses, and fungi, zapping them into oblivion without any harmful side effects. When used in a controlled manner, medical grade ozone can be a game-changer for your mouth’s health.

One of the easiest ways is to apply ozonated oil to your gums. All you need is an interdental brush, which is small, thin, and designed to clean the tight spaces between your teeth. This will allow you to get some of the oil into the area between tooth and gum known as the sulcus. Harmful bacteria thrive in dark, wet, low oxygen environments like that.

Just dip an interdental brush into ozonated oil each time before you pass the brush between your teeth. You can also swab it on your gums with a q-tip.

A simple Google search will bring up plenty of brands to choose from. One of the most popular and well regarded brands is PurO3, which has a variety of oil types to choose from, including olive, avocado, hemp, castor, and jojoba.

PurO3 also makes an ozonated solution for oil pulling, which is another great way to make sure that the ozone gets to all the in-between and hard-to-reach places in your mouth. (In general, the hardest areas for you to clean are those that pathogenic microbes love, since they’re less likely to be disturbed by cleaning tools.)

Ozone-containing toothpastes and mouthwashes are available from different companies.

What Science Says about Ozonated Oils

Research shows that using ozonated oils can indeed make a difference in your mouth’s health.

A 2022 study, for instance, compared the use of ozonated oil with a chlorhexidine gel, a chemical antimicrobial agent that’s often used in the treatment of gum disease, as well as after dental procedures to prevent infection. It’s powerful stuff, but it tastes terrible and tends to stain the teeth. It may also damage fibroblasts, special cells that produce components of connective tissue, interfering with healing after dental treatment.

Thirty teens took part in the study. Each had an exam and cleaning, then was randomly given either the gel or oil. They received oral hygiene instruction and were asked to return for follow-up at 7 and 28 days after the start of the study.

jar of Pur3 ozonated olive oilBy the end, all had less plaque and healthier gums, “indicating that ozone oil also has antiplaque and anti-inflammatory actions like chlorhexidine gel and thus possesses the properties of a chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of gingivitis.”

A more recent study in Applied Sciences compared ozonated olive oil with organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Seventy-one patients with gum disease took part and, after exams and cleanings, were given one of the two oils to include in their home hygiene for three weeks. The patients were then examined again.

Patients in both groups showed improvement in both their plaque scores and two measures of gum health, but the improvements were considerably greater for those who used ozonated oil, “confirm[ing] that it is one of the good products to use in oral hygiene.”

And these are just a couple of representative studies.

Other Ways to Use Ozone at Home

Ozonated oil isn’t your only option, of course. Small generators for home use are also available, letting you ozonate your own water – or oils, for that matter. In fact, using ozonated water in a water flosser can be a great help for improving your gum health. You can also just use pure ozone water as a rinse.

An even more economical option is an ozone oral irrigator. This Waterpik-like device comes with a built-in ozone generator and a switch to toggle between plain and ozonated water. They also come with different tips, including our favorite: a periodontal tip that makes it easy to flush water into the periodontal pockets around each tooth.

Consistency Is Key

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to seeing results. Incorporating these ozone-based products into your daily routine can complement the treatments you receive in our office and support overall oral health.

The foundation of providing safe and personalized holistic care begins by getting to know you and your goals for your oral health and overall health, both short term and long term. Dr. Grabiak will then learn about your family’s dental and medical history, along with your dental and medical history. Afterwards, we begin your exam by taking a sample of your saliva (Sillha), checking for seven different biomarkers. That same day, we will send you home with a report showing how you scored in those different biomarker categories.

The head and neck examination is often overlooked by busy clinicians but it is as crucial as an element of the oral cancer examination. Dr. Grabiak begins his exam outside of the mouth by starting with a soft tissue check of the neck and the jaw. A thorough head and neck examination is essential for detecting early skin cancers, any overdeveloped jaw muscles that may be contributing towards bruxism, and enlarged lymph nodes that may indicate an active virus or infection.

After the extraoral exam, Dr. Grabiak begins his extensive intraoral exam. During Dr. Grabiak’s exam he is evaluating the teeth, uvula, mucosal tissues, tongue, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, and the oropharynx. Part of this exam includes taking high-definition photos of the mouth, all at different angles so you can see exactly what he is seeing. Our hygienist will then come in and complete a comprehensive periodontal assessment. In some cases, Dr. Grabiak and your hygienist may recommend additional testing to get to the root cause of the evidence of symptoms they are seeing in your mouth. This entire process takes roughly an hour. In some cases, depending on what Dr. Grabiak and your hygienist had found during their exam we will invite you back for a follow-up appointment called review of findings.

In preparation for the review of findings, Dr. Grabiak and your hygienist will take the time to evaluate all of the data that was collected from your examination and testing to determine your specific needs. At your review of findings appointment Dr. Grabiak will sit down with you one on one to review the data that was collected from your appointment, along with any recommendations. This allows you the time to ask Dr. Grabiak any questions that you may have about your treatment recommendations and expectations from treatment.

Jeromy Mulkey

Jeromy Mulkey

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Jeromy received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He moved to Colorado in 2015 from Hannibal, New York (a small town outside of Syracuse) and that is when his career in the dental field began. Jeromy started in corporate dental as a patient coordinator and quickly progressed to office manager and then running multiple specialty practices over the next 5 years. Holistic dentistry was an exciting new challenge and Jeromy couldn't be happier with his family at Denver Dentistry. Holistic dentistry was a breath of fresh air and gave a new excitement and passion for learning of all the new sciences and technologies the Denver Dentistry team has integrated into their practice. Jeromy currently lives in Sheridan and enjoys living close to the mountains. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family, snowboarding, playing soccer and basketball, camping, and hiking. Jeromy is passionate about delivering excellent customer service and assisting the team in bringing more smiles to satisfied patients.
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In 2020 Jazmin graduated from Colorado Mesa University at the top of her class with a degree in Kinesiology. From a young age Jazmin knew she had a passion and interest in the medical field which led her to gain various experiences in the medical field. However, when she first came to Denver Dentistry, she fell in love with dentistry and knew this was her passion. Dr. Grabiak and his team offered a unique holistic approach to the field; something Jazmin has always been highly interested in. She quickly realized this is where she was meant to be and Denver Dentistry instantly felt like home. In her free time she and her fiance enjoy traveling and participating in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking.
Chelsea White

Chelsea White


Chelsea is a born and raised Florida girl and has now been a Colorado resident for 5 years. She has loved dentistry for a long time, and couldn’t see herself in any other profession. Knowing her career path, she went to school at Central Florida Institute to become a dental assistant with an extended program. Graduated in 2012 as a Dental Assistant and as an EDDA, she looks forward to esthetics and happiness with patients. As someone who has been in the field for almost 10 years, she strives to work as a team to meet all expectations with the patient. In her free time she loves to hike, and explore the beautiful places Colorado has to offer.

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