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Deep Bleaching Denver & Littleton

For patients that want dramatic results at a rapid pace, we suggest Deep Teeth Bleaching, as an alternative to Zoom teeth bleaching. The first step of the Deep Bleaching process involves Dr. Grabiak DMD, FAGD examining and creating a customized deep teeth bleaching tray to especially fit your teeth.

You will then return to Dr. Grabiak’s DMD, FAGD Denver dental office for the conditioning visit. Using Deep Teeth Bleaching Trays, a very specific hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel will be placed on your teeth for 40 minutes. Do not expect to see much, if any whiteness from this procedure. You will then be given your at-home Deep Teeth Bleaching Kit and shown how to use it. You will sleep for 14 nights with the Deep Bleaching Trays, using a carbamide peroxide bleaching gel, selected specifically for use in Deep Bleaching Trays to release oxygen for several hours each night. Patients typically see results by the end of the 14th night. Patients with unusually difficult stains or tetracycline stains will bleach for additional nights.

At your final visit to Dr. Grabiak’s DMD, FAGD Denver dental office, another high concentration hydorgen peroxide teeth bleaching gel will be placed on your teeth for one hour. Click here to learn more about deep teeth bleaching offered at our Denver dentistry office.