In recent years, Denver Dental has been working as a mercury-free dental health practice. This is a movement in the field of dentistry that supports healthier dental care for patients.

Traditional “silver” fillings, also known as amalgam fillings contain a small amount of mercury. Although dentists throughout the years have discounted that this level of mercury can have an effect on your health, recent research published by the FDA has found that as these fillings age, mercury vapors can occur. Mercury is most readily absorbed into the body through inhalation and ingestion, both of which can occur when it is located in your mouth.

Essentially the risk of having silver filling containing mercury is poisoning. This poison affects your body’s ability to fend off disease. Many people are affected by a persistent cough or as severe as a bout of pneumonia. If you have enough old fillings to cause a severe reaction, they could even cause death.

Dr. Grabiak and the staff at Denver Dental is committed to practicing the safest dental medicine possible. With light of new research and results, we advise you to always seek out mercury-free dental practices. We also can replace these outdated fillings to provide you with a safer, healthier alternative.