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TMJ Splint Therapy in Denver

November 5, 2010

Fortunately finding relief from the symptoms of TMJ disorder (TMD) are conservative and do not require surgery. TMD sufferers may experience pain in one or many parts of their body including:

  • Jaw and jaw joint pain
  • Headaches or facial pain
  • Ear pain
  • Eye pains
  • Grinding teeth and clenching
  • Throat problems
  • Neck and shoulder problems

Splint Therapy for TMJ

Our Denver TMJ treatments include careful diagnosis of your underlying pains with orthodontic appliances in the form of splints. Splints are devices that are worn in the mouth similar to mouthguards that cover teeth and work to achieve a number of goals depending on the reason for TMJ pain. The purpose of splints is to:

  • Stabilize the teeth by preventing clenching and bruxism
  • Reposition the jaws so that pain is reduced and the teeth meet in an ideal location.

How Do TMJ Splints Work?

TMJ splints allow the muscles and joints in and around the jaw to relax by reducing the tension and tightness that clenching and jaw problems may cause. Splints that adjust patients’ teeth into a correct position are designed so that the jaw joints come together into an optimum position that allows the jaw muscles to rest and achieve a better bite.

What Can I do before my Denver TMJ Appointment to Relieve TMJ Pain?

To immediately relieve TMJ pain there are a few things you can try at home. By eating softer foods or avoiding foods that require you to strain your jaw muscles you can reduce the pain and allow your jaw bones to get some rest. Avoid gum or big sandwiches and replace them with yogurt, smoothies and soups instead. If you grind your teeth at night you can wear a mouthguard so that you don’t place so much strain on your teeth while you sleep. To reduce TMJ pain that is current apply heat or ice, whatever works best, to the affected area to see if helps relieve some pain.

To get help with your TMJ pain in Denver, contact the office of Dr. Grabiak today and learn about TMJ splint therapy.

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