Are you a coffee lover? Can’t get enough red wine? Or maybe you hate the way smoking has stained your teeth. With all the over the counter products available today, there is no doubt that teeth whitening is a major concern for people making it a booming business. The problem is the efficacy of these products. To make them available over the counter, they are a weaker concentration. While they may eventually whiten the teeth, it takes a long time to achieve the results you could get in one or two visits of tooth whitening.

Denver Dentistry offers a couple of options to get you on the fast track to whiter teeth.

  1. Zoom2!- This involves some high-powered gel and a special light which activates the gel. In just one treatment, you can see your teeth go from dingy to up to 10 times whiter. Your results may improve even more in the following days. This is perfect if you don’t have time for repeat visits and hate the idea of wearing trays.
  2. Deep Bleaching- This process involves treatment at Denver Dentistry and at home treatments. To begin this, you will have a conditioning appointment where hydrogen peroxide gel is applied for 40 minutes. Then Dr. Grabiak sends you home with custom trays and a carbamide peroxide grade gel to wear all night for 14 days. Then you will go back to Denver Dentistry for an hour treatment with hydrogen peroxide. The end result is a dramatically whiter smile.
  3. Take-home kit- If you want to ease yourself into whiter teeth, Dr. Grabiak can send you home with your own kit that is professional strength. He customizes trays to fit snugly over your teeth for optimal Daywhite or Nightwhite gel application. Patients typically see results after a couple of uses.

To see actual results, visit our Smile Gallery []. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Grabiak to discuss your teeth whitening options, call (303) 867-3723.