Denver porcelain veneers

You have probably seen the makeover shows on TV where they take people with stained, crooked teeth and give them a movie star smile in a short amount of time, right? Ever wonder how they do that? I mean, you probably know a lot of people who have had braces as kids and have pretty straight teeth, but even then they are often chipped or a little yellowed; they never look perfect like the people on the makeover shows.

Well, the secret is that these people get porcelain veneers. Basically, porcelain veneers can change the shape, color, length and width of your teeth and make them look exactly how you want them. The best part is that porcelain veneers can last for your lifetime with regular maintenance.

Veneers are best for patients who want to make a pretty drastic cosmetic change in their smile. For example, anyone with stained, chipped, crooked, gapped, or cracked teeth would likely benefit from the procedure. Veneers are best for patients who may be embarrassed about their teeth and want to make a permanent change. A great smile will make a huge impact on anyone’s appearance.

Dr. Grabiak is able to apply porcelain veneers in two appointments and with minimal pain as his Denver office uses sedation dentistry. One thing you may consider is that a small amount of tooth structure must be removed in order to make room for the porcelain. However, Dr. Grabiak will answer all questions and assures patients that porcelain veneers will be permanently attached to the teeth and will look natural.

The veneers are made of a really thin, tooth-colored material that looks a lot like real teeth (except prettier!). After your first appointment at Denver Dentistry, the veneers are then custom-made for you so that they fit correctly and are the right size/shape/color for you personally.