TeethThe teeth are made out of four different types of tissue. Dr. Grabiak’s job is to ensure that all four layers of each tooth stay healthy, so the teeth can continue to do their job for a long time.

The innermost layer of the tooth is the pulp. This is where the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue reside. If you have pain in your teeth, this is usually where it comes from. The pulp has two sections. The pulp chamber sits in the crown, while the root canal goes to the root of the tooth. The root canal is the entrance point for the blood vessels and nerves, which end in the pulp chamber.

The second layer is the dentin. This is the strong, hard substance similar to bone that gives the tooth its main strength. It is yellow in color. The enamel, the tooth’s third layer, covers the dentin. It is the body’s hardest tissue and provides strength and protection for the tooth, and also protects the tooth from extremes in temperature or bacteria present in the mouth.

The final part of the tooth, the cementum, covers the root underneath the gum line. It is a hard, bone-like substance that cements the tooth to the jawbone.

In order for a tooth to be completely healthy and functional, all four parts have to be functioning to their optimum level. Problems can occur at all levels, which is why routine dental care is vital. Only a dentist can see inside the teeth to diagnose problems below the enamel, and catching problems early is vital to keeping your teeth where they belong – in your mouth!

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