In 1951 a small group of dentists created a study club that would become the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).  These men had the vision and foresite to create an organization that was dedicated to improving the quality of dentistry through lifelong learning.  They were the pioneers in the developement of quality dental continueing education.

Today the AGD is the worlds 2nd largest dental organization with over 35,000 members.  Fellowship (FAGD) in the AGD is a symbol of dentistry’s continual jorney toward improvement and progess.  I joined the AGD in 2004.  On Saturday, July 11, 2009 I received my AGD Fellowhip with 230 other members at a Convocation ceremony in Baltimore, Marlyland.  It was a long ceremony  and one has to attend in order to receive the fellowship.  More importantly, I served as course sponsor for Dr. Bruce Small of New Jersey. I believe he is one of the finest dentist in the country, with  an ephamasize on gold inlay, onlays and gold foils. Truely a man who displays the art and science of dentistry.  I picked up some great tips and techniques.  Surely came back to Denver a better dentist