Many people spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on products and cosmetic procedures designed to brighten and whiten their teeth.

Strong Teeth

Vitamins C and D, as well as calcium, are important parts of a balanced and healthy diet. These vitamins and minerals help the body create the building blocks necessary for strong teeth and healthy gums. Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and stimulate saliva flow. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt protect tooth enamel with by strengthening protective minerals found in the surface of the tooth. Dairy products also encourage saliva production which helps protect the teeth from acid erosion.

Other foods that promote teeth whitening include sugar-free chewing gum and drinks, water, fish, flax, and cocoa.

There are a number of foods that you should avoid when trying to protect your teeth and enamel. Sugary drinks, candy, and sweet snacks all have high levels of sugar that increase bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria levels rise, they give off more acid, which, in turn, erode strong tooth enamel and create small or large pits. Cavities can form in these pits and compromise the enamel.

Other foods to avoid include starchy foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice. Coffee, tea, and red wine also raise acid levels and stain teeth.

Combine these tips with a daily brushing and flossing regimen for healthier teeth.